Is mind a part of body?

Acharya Prashant: The question is, ‘Is the mind equal to the body?‘ No. You recall what we said earlier. Mind is brain plus intelligence.

Listeners: Intelligence.

AP: The brain is body, there is no doubt about it. The brain is the product of the same DNA which remains in the rest of the body. So the brain is the body but the mind is something else as well. You are not only your brain. You are not only a conditioned machine running out of past.You are something more than that. So the mind is beyond brain.

L1: Sir, you define time as the process of brain. Can brain be defined as the process of time?

AP: Wonderful. His question is that brain is time and time is brain and what are both? Can there be a definition of the time being independent of the brain? Can there be a brain independent of time? No that can’t be. And that is why both of them are illusory. There is a joke. Where does Banta live? In front of Santa’s house. Where does Santa live? In front of Banta’s house. Where do both of them live? In front of each others’ house. That’s what this is!

They both do not exist independent of each other, and hence both can have no verification outside each other. Except your brain nobody says that there is a time. Where is time if all brains disappear? Except you, who says that there is time? Except you who says that there is space? There is a no space, it is an illusion. Do you get this?

For anything to be Real, there is prerequisite that it must be independent.

Anything that is real is independent of other things. Whatever is dependent cannot be fundamental, cannot be the final. That is what Physics is doing, searching for the fundamental, which is not dependent on anything else. The seer and the seen, the brain and the time, the subject and the object; they are both dependent on each other, both do not exist outside of each other. Hence, they both are in that sense within that self-contained system of which there is no existence, no verification, outside the system.

~ Excerpts from a Samvaad session. Edited for clarity.

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