Karma, Aatma, Rebirth

Q.1. What is Karma? What is the Law of Karma?

A.1. Karma just means that cause and effect apply on everything that is insentient. A stone thrown up comes down. Karma is just causation. Everything that has a cause surely arises from some karmic past.

This is the law of karma: where there is a cause, there is an effect. Whatever is an effect, surely has a cause in past(time) and space(others).

Refer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSPUqGYrKI4

Q.2. What is Soul (Atman) – the Intelligence along with the usual Brain? How should it be perceived as per the sacred texts and saints words?

A.2. Aatman is the undifferentiated, unlimited self. We know of ourselves as something separate from our neighbour, our chair, the air, and the wall in front of us. This knowing of ourselves as ‘limited’ arises from the limited mind.

Under close enquiry, when it is seen that all distinctions all false, that there is fundamentally no difference between anything, that the element permeating all elements is one, then the sense of ‘little, distinct’ self loses ground. What is left is a wide, unbroken, indistinct sense of self. That is Aatman, me.

Refer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=expRZM3Hqjc


Q.3 What is then the transmigration of soul and the figure of 84 lakh species?

A.3. All that appears to arise arises from one source. All arises from one source – Aatman- and all recedes back into the same source. Obviously, all this arising and dissolving is just an appearance in mind – which we call as time.

‘Transmigration’ simply means that the same source that today appears as X will tomorrow appear as Y. So, the essence of X is the same as (or, has transmigrated into) the essence of Y. It also means that all that appears – you, me, stone, air-  is simply the avatar of the one source.

’84 lakh’ denotes an infinitely large number. The source has infinite fertility and manifests itself in a zillion forms.

Refer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=weOyN7JfR7g

Q.4. What is Yoga, Kundalini, Thousand petalled lotus- Sahasra Dal Kawal, Ajna Chakra and the other told Chakras?

A.4. Yoga is simply the submergence of the ego in the source.

Kundalini is the movement of ego from the lowest point to the highest point possible.

The lowest point of ego is body-identification or at mooladhar chakra – the sex-centre. Ego is at its bottommost point when a person is deeply bodily identified. Sex or procreation denotes the feeling of ego that ‘I am the body’.

The highest point of the ego is not a chakra at all. Instead, it is the freedom from all chakras. A chakra is a circle, an enclosure, a bondage. Freedom from the filth of chakras is denoted by the Sahasraar kamal. A lotus at the topmost point, rising from the muck, sludge of chakra bondage.

All other chakras – between mooladhar and sahasraar- denote different stages of the ego.

-Based on the answers provided by me to questions raised on various e-forums.

Dated : 6th October,’14

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