HIDP states the laws of existence

Questioner: Sir, there is this entire government and other affiliated systems. They all have many rules that are imposed on us and we have to follow them. My question is: should I follow my own rules for my life and neglect the wrong ones, or live life according to the rules of system? Is it the right thing to do?

Acharya Prashant: It is not a question of ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. It is a question of being factual or being distant from the facts.

You see, what happens is when Newton comes and says that these are the laws of gravitation, you do not fight with Newton. Right? Even though he specifically names them as ‘Newton’s laws’, you do not question Newton. You do not say that why should I believe in Newton’s laws. Why? Do you say that for me gravity is twelve meter per second square. Do you say that?

Do you say that it is my own sweet will? Do you say that your gravity might be nine point eight mine is twelve, it is cool. Do you say, ‘My individuality, my freewill, I am entitled to my thought. Why are you imposing your thought upon me?’

Q: Sir, but it is proven. And gravity will not change according to our thought.

AP: Yes, understand this. There we do not quarrel with Newton. There we don’t say, ‘How dare you impose your thoughts upon me?’ There we are able to see that this is the fact of existence and we can verify it for ourselves.

Just as there are laws of science and we can’t quarrel with the laws of science, they won’t bend to accommodate our opinions and our role models. Similarly, there are laws of life. And those laws of life are inviolable. You may like them or not, they cannot be fought with. And they are as much verifiable as the laws of science. Where do you verify the laws of science?

Q: In laboratory.

AP: In a laboratory. Where do you verify the laws of life? In life. Whatever is being said, is verifiable. It is not a question of ‘your thought’ verses ‘somebody else’s thought.’ Go ahead look into life and test the factual-ness of it.

Q: Sir, but there is a point. According to me, I don’t have…

AP: First of all, this ‘according to me’ needs to be removed. Science is not according to somebody. Life is not according to somebody. It is a hard fact. It does not matter what you think. Your thinking does not matter. Your own opinions have no value in life. Life is life. It is not a democracy. Forty thousand people may come and say that we don’t believe in gravity. Will that do anything to gravity?

So, opinions are the enemy of truth. First of all, get rid of your opinions. Whatever is being said in this course is not somebody’s personal opinion. All the wisdom literature of thousands of years and across continents, across philosophies and religions has been distilled to bring this course in front of you in simplest form possible. It may appear to you as if somebody is talking, as if somebody’s personal thoughts are being served to you, but these are not somebody’s thought. These are proven facts about life. Anybody who opens his eyes will see them. There is no question of imposing something upon you.

Truth cannot be imposed upon anybody, it is there. It is there.

 -Excerpts from a Samvaad session. Edited for clarity.

Watch the session at: HIDP states the laws of existence

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