Rest is freedom from thought

Question: According to me if our mind is in empty mode then various thoughts come in our mind and it enforces us to think about past and future. That is why we forget the present.

Speaker: How can thoughts come to an empty mind?

Thoughts come only to the thinking mind. And all thoughts are in some way related to past and future.

The definition of rest is freedom from thought. Thought is a problem solving mechanism. It gets activated only in restlessness and fear.

Empty mind is really good. Try.

Question: Sir, but why is mind afraid of being at rest, empty?

Speaker: What is the mind full of? Thoughts of the world, objects, past and future, time, others etc. This is what fills the mind. Right?

When this rubbish is not occupying the mind, then the great, beautiful, lovely Truth descends on the mind.


We are afraid of Greatness

We are afraid of Beauty

We are afraid of Love

So, we are afraid of the empty mind.

Question: I usually see that somewhere I am also suffering from this sickness of conditioning. But Sir I think that the bigger problem for us is to face this fake world where nothing that I see is original .

Speaker: When you are writing this, you are not at all fake. You are real and authentic.

Now can you hold on to this? Can you remain what you are right now when talking to me? It’s easy. Just don’t become afraid of them, don’t allow the world to dominate you.


Question: I saw a Table Tennis ball today. It is same from all sides. It doesn’t fake itself. It treats everyone equally. Sir, am I right in my observation?

Speaker: TT ball treats equally because it is unconscious.

In ordinary consciousness, one only creates differences.

Is it possible to live in equanimity because one is supremely conscious?

Question: Sir, I consider it as an ideal situation. TT ball is same from all sides, it doesn’t have different faces like people.  People are different to everyone. To our parents we are someone else. To friends we become someone else. We fake ourselves. But TT ball doesn’t. It’s same from all sides and treat everyone equally

Speaker: Yes, the ball doesn’t differentiate. It is good that it doesn’t divide or create classifications and boundaries.

But the missing part is that the ball cannot enjoy its own equanimity. One must treat the world equally as the ball does. But at the same time, this behaviour must happen in realization and understanding, not just as a dead habit. Then there is love and enjoyment, which the ball doesn’t have.

The TT ball hardly ever enjoys a game of TT.


Question: Sir we know about the Darwin’s theory of selection that only the best live. Then what is wrong if man is trying to get into that superior category where nature cannot eliminate him. Man has taken himself to a situation where 5.8 out of 6 survive.

Speaker: Darwin was very sad that ignorant people had so crudely misinterpreted his ‘Evolution of species’. He categorically wrote articles to deny and rebuke them.

Survival of fittest is a misconception.

Different species are like different waves in the ocean. One wave disappears by merging into another wave. In time, all waves merge into the ocean. Nobody survives, and nobody disappears. Nobody wins, nobody loses.

Ocean it was, Ocean it is, Ocean will be.

The Lily realizes this. So it is so carefree and beautiful.

Man has forgotten this. So man is tensed and ugly.

Question: Sir, your explanation covers a wider perspective i.e. the species of man. But if we are not talking about the species and we are just talking about the individual then the explanation does not seem of as much importance.

Speaker: The ‘individual’, as you are talking of it, simply does not exist. The ‘individual’ is a myth called the ego.

There is no wave apart from the ocean. The real meaning of individual is the Ocean itself, not the wave. Individual means one, total, indivisible.

So, X and Y and Z are not individuals.

There is only one Individual – the Total, पूर्ण

Who is X then? – A mirage; an illusion, a dream. It looks real, but it is not.

Question: X is a dream who is chasing his dreams. A dream is chasing his dreams. All the questions somehow reach to the same answer that I am nothing, just an origin still to start his original journey.

Speaker: No journey. Just stillness.

All journeys are illusions.

Question: Sir, stillness is the word to be explained here. What exactly does it mean to the context of the above discussion?

Speaker: The Ocean.

Waves dream that they are in a journey.

From Ocean to Ocean; still, Ocean.

Question: Similarly an individual thinks he is in a journey. From species to species; still, species.

Speaker: No, no species. Till the time you think of yourself as a species, you will remain deluded and afraid.

Question: I should not think myself as an individual then should not I think myself as a total “poorn“?

Speaker: poorn cannot be thought of. Just as a point above the XY plane can’t be expressed in XY co-ordinates.

It is enough to not to think of oneself as अपूर्ण।To not to live in inferiority, in little concerns, in petty worries.

-Based on my interactions on various e-forums.

Dated : 4th December,’14

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