To know what you already know

Question: I read somewhere that when a person dies, the stream, of which it was a manifestation, still goes on. What is the process of this stream and how does it manifest itself?

Sir, is there life after death? What sort of knowledge passes on at the time of enlightenment? Does one see that which is not seen even by direct sight?

Answer: There is actually no stream. The manifestation wants to understand the total and hence calls the no-stream as a stream. What else can it do? Calling it a stream is the manifest’s best effort with words.

Knowledge at the point of enlightenment: I think both of us already know it. Just that basic diseases like laziness and habits pull us back. Nothing special. You know, and I know. Then you forget, and I forget. The word in Sanskrit for this is pratibhigya – to know what you already know.

To his JK would laugh and say, “You buggers are too intellectual to actually know. Fortunately sometimes you are too lazy even to think, and then you know. But old habits die hard.”

It sounds cliched but this is it: thought creates the subject, the object and what not. There can be a thousand questions that thought can ask. No answers are obliged to come. That is the reason attention-dhyaan is so important. That is the reason one must hear the sound of one hand clapping. That is the reason consciousness must be emptied of thought. That is the reason why all the yogis have spent lifetimes to master their thoughts.

Mu, yet again 🙂

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– Based on my interactions on various e-media.

Dated: 5th January,’12


3 thoughts on “To know what you already know

  1. Amazing blog,
    knowing can not be in form of thought. And ironically most of us want to know by thinking. These scriptures and knowledge are beacon of HIM not himself.
    Thank you so much for this article.


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