Your Wish shall be granted against your wish

Questioner: This is a paradox. So far, as I think, often people suffer because they are afraid of Truth. They would rather accept any kind of suffering than to seek into their life. It demands courage.

Shri Prashant: So, in fact, you see, another paradox is that while everyone is craving for freedom, yet, he would do anything to avoid freedom.

Q: Yes. It’s the other side of the same problem.

SP: We are deeply afraid of that which we really want.

So, freedom has to be given to people against their wish.

People’s Wish has to be granted against their wish.

Nobody is going to help you in this effort. You’ll only meet resistance.

Q: On this point, all revolution is now filth. Because they try to free, make free.

SP: They try to free people using what the people wanted.

Q: Yes.

SP: You know, they did something that the people were happy to participate in. So, they are not revolutions at all, they are more of desire fulfillment exercises. And that is why they were mostly violent.

~ Excerpts from a ‘Shabd-Yoga’ session held at 23rd Advait Learning Camp (International Spiritual Exchange), Shivpuri.

Edited for clarity.

Watch session: Prashant Tripathi: Your Wish shall be granted against your wish

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