And the police caught us!

~ The Policemen and Acharya Ji’s words ~

I was returning with fellow volunteers, books, posters, mugs and other merchandise with Acharya Ji’s words from Sector-27, Noida at 11:45pm in a car.
Around 14-15 policemen stopped the car and asked all of us to come out and they started checking the car – clicking pictures, totally furious and the rest of it. We let them do it with all the acceptance.
Two of the senior policemen asked me, ‘What is it in the car?’
I told them that these are books etc., with words of our Teacher.

The conversation proceeded as:
Policemen (curiously): What do you do with all this?
Me: We talk to people, sell these to the ones who can connect to these.
P1: What are these all about and why does one buy them?
Me: About Life. And people buy them because they connect to the words.
P1(in a raging tone): There are so many books in the market, why would one buy them?
Me: Which language do you like?
P1: Hindi.
I along with other volunteers gave three publications in Hindi to them – Dar, Sambandh, Gagan damdama baajiya.
We were standing, looking at them reading from one paragraph to the other, from one page to the other, they kept reading. Their eyes widened.
P1(after reading a few excerpts from ‘Dar’): How much is it for?
Before I could tell him, the other policemen too asked the same question for Sambandh and Gagan damdama baajiya, holding them in his hand.
I told them the cost. Both the policemen looked at each other.
P2: We want these books. We have read about Fear, Relationships, Kabir Sahab, but have never read with this clarity, connectivity and directness.
He mentioned again, with a pleading loudness – “We want these!”
Me: It’s a gift from our Foundation to you, but do read them.
P2: No. We want to buy them. I am sure God will not forgive us for taking it just like that.
This was something strange and rare as it is very-very rare and unusual to see Indian policemen paying for something even when they are being given it for free.
P2(continued): You all are so young. We have been patrolling and policing from decades but we have never seen young men, at 11:45pm, in a car, together doing this.
He asked in astonishment – how is it possible?
We greeted him with a smile!
The policemen paid every single penny for the books, touched the books on their forehead and kept them.
P1: Can we have a photograph with you all?
We smiled again!

~ Abhishek Agarwal ~

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