Flesh became my living friend, not food!

~ Flesh became my living friend, not food ~

A few years back, I was a non-vegetarian. Rather I must say, I used to eat flesh. I used to eat it a lot. My dad used to prepare flesh quite often and I just got to see flesh in a decorative and well-structured form.

I used to eat with no sensitivity, just as a slave of my tongue. Parallely we were taught by PrashantAdvait Foundation in the classrooms.

Once Acharya Sir came in the college and we talked to Him about eating flesh. Things hit me. I kept thinking. I was still confused. I could see myself a craving slave of my tongue.

After a few days, I saw an open invitation by PrashantAdvait Foundation for a Learning camp with Acharya Sir. Since his last visit, confusions, questions and rest of it was building up. I still ate flesh, but this time, it was difficult, further more difficult for me. Moreover, I was not totally convinced not to eat. Maybe, because I did not want to.

I took not even a minute and applied for the Learning camp. Thanks to the Lord, I got the opportunity to go, but I didn’t know what will I ask, I didn’t know what do I want to know but I was very restless towards everything, especially eating flesh. I was still habitual of eating it.

We reached the camp, the talk was about to start and Acharya Sir came to me, he gave a little rabbit in my arms and left.

I was uneasy, didn’t like him in my arms, wanted to keep him on the ground, was uneasy with my image also, and in all this flip-flop I happened to look at the eyes of that little rabbit. 🐰

He was looking at me, he was not afraid, he was just looking at me—un-blinked, with complete trust on me. I could not take my eyes off from him. My hold became softer, loving and welcoming. He was still looking at me, unmoved. And suddenly, it was clear to me.

It was clear like a sky.

I sat on the ground with him. I did not attend the talk that day, I could not.

From that day, flesh became my living friend and not food.

I did not have to resist to not to eat.

I just did not eat.

The change was not limited to animals. I was less violent to everything: my notebook, pen, relationships, and everything. My family, relatives, friends did not like me leaving flesh. They had many logics. I did not even bother to defend because I knew that they have never met Acharya Sir, they have never held a rabbit, and most importantly, they have not looked into the eyes of the rabbit.🐇

And as Acharya Sir says, “paao, aur gaao” (attain, and sing). I did not have to declare; it got declared by itself. My mother could connect to the change in me, and my mother too became less violent. She does not eat flesh now.

I became excited about all of it. I tried to explain it to my friends, I even gave them a little animal in their hand but I forgot that it was ‘me’ who was doing it. And there, it was my Guru, Acharya Sir.

I do not try to convince them anymore. But I ensure that I am less and less violent every day, every moment.

One has to come closer to himself to come close to the world,

to the animals, to the family and to everything.

Acharya Sir brought me close to myself and through me,

not just me but everyone is being benefited.

What can I do to Thank you Acharya Sir?


~ Jasdeep Kaur ~



One thought on “Flesh became my living friend, not food!

  1. You have used your” personality” not for name, fame, money or Popularity or social approval BUT to” serve your Soul.”Then it has become as effortless as a feather,I think.
    Gary Zukov in his book” The Seat Of The Soul”had made this remarkable point.
    I think so.


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