Fun-filled practical Spirituality

~ Fun-filled practical Spirituality ~

It was my first camp and I had hardly known Acharya Ji except seeing him at the clarity sessions. We had just reached Nainital, not at the place of our stay, we were at some lake and it was early morning, and Acharya Ji instructed us to go into the water; it was quite amazing to see Acharya Ji who seemed to be quite serious had this side but more was yet to come.

After 1 or 2 days in camp we were to go to some river for bathing, it was exciting enough and we all got into the car, and in the middle of the journey we saw some of our camp members sitting on the window as the car was moving, and then we came to know that we too can do it. Now this was amazing as we were on the mountains and the view was simply breathtaking. All of us had a gala time. Acharya Ji is a father figure but what we did was something hardly any parent would approve of.

Late at night, when we were discussing our reflections, one of the participants said that he saw people having ‘fun’, but one mishap would have changed everything, he was implying that the activity was foolishly dangerous—it felt like someone’s parent was giving his/her perspective. Then something amazing happens, Acharya Ji explains that the drivers knew what was happening and were extra cautious, in fact, they were instructed to keep the cars at least a meter away from any passing vehicle, and the usual speed of the cars at the hills were reduced a lot to keep the situation under control, which in turn reduces the probability of a road accident as compared to a normal day on the road with people sitting inside; more importantly, what is the point of being cautious in life when that caution never lets you live. It was me seeing everything in practicality what Acharya Ji speaks of in a clarity session.

It was me seeing everything in practicality what Acharya Ji speaks of in a clarity session.

He knows what is good for me. It feels safe with him. His presence gives strength to go through situations.

He remains humble in not disclosing his secrets of being a magician, but I know, his presence is magical.

With Him on my side, nothing can ever go wrong.


~ Joydeep Bhattacharya ~

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