Love and animals

~ Love and animals ~

Today I played with and hugged a street dog. The dog welcomed me with its wagging tail and enjoyed the massage that I gave to him.
I make friends with animals so easily. I just forget everything in the company of these innocent beings.

I was not the same just two years before. I was so afraid of even rats let alone dogs.

It is the company of Acharya Prashant that showed me how beautiful is the friendship of these simple beings. They are not just friends, they are Guru, who teach us how to live without the use of language.

When people ask Acharya Ji who is your Guru, He says, these rabbits, dogs, birds, river, mountains.

I remember Acharya Ji saying it once: “How do I know? Birds, animals, insects told it to me. First I confessed ‘I don’t know’. Then sat by them as one of them and all was obvious.”

I could have never known how my fear was so false and how beautiful it is to be and play with animals.

Two things I learnt: Innocence is Real freedom, and how false fears are. They are just imaginations based on stories told by society.

I would say being with Acharya Ji is so deep learning. What He says reflects in the smallest of his actions of his daily life or rather I would say He speaks of what He lives.

~ Devesh Mittal ~

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