The taste of water

A journey with Acharya Prashant ~

I was about to bunk a class called by the name HIDP (Holistic Individual Development Program); which is a development program for graduating students, of Advait Life-Education led by Acharya Prashant.
A lot of classmates bunked that day. Gracefully, I couldn’t. I felt grateful and blessed to take that class. After the class, I was introduced to Sir through his Blog and through his Youtube channels. I started reading and listening to Sir. It felt amazing and blessed to read and listen to those topics of life that matter most to an individual, and that too with so much clarity. Felt like a great burden was being lifted from my mind. 
After few months, I listened to Sir sitting close to Him in his Bodhsthal.
It was so peaceful. Even His presence calms the place.
And till today, I have attended some Advait Learning Camps with Him.
I have talked to Him personally. I have played with Him. I have laughed with Him.
I have been scolded by Him. I have joked with Him. I have spoken my “secrets” to Him.
And I have taken a nap on his lap.
Wow! How Blessed I am!
One gets the taste of water after tasting it. One may run after soft drinks but one has to return to water for life. And one gets the taste of life, only after tasting it.
~ Azaz ~

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