Canopies: A Joyful Battleground

Celebrating Canopies

The Setup:

On the daily basis, volunteers of PrashantAdvait Foundation set up canopies in different parts of Delhi NCR region. At these canopies, volunteers share Acharya Prashant‘s words via books, posters, mugs and many other accessories.



Khalil Gibran says, “Work is love made visible.” Their love and spirit justify this. 
Volunteers are quite adamant in sharing the content, in the sense, that they do not want the involvement of any third party in between, hence, they share the content directly with people of every genre.They spare time from their tight schedules and serve for this noble cause.

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What do they do?

Oh, Celebration is the right word!

The People:

People displaying quotes that they find most relatable to their lives

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And how can we forget the little volunteer, Rhythm 🙂


#VolunteersDiary #PAF
Join them, and have an experience of coming close to a completely new dimension of yours! New people. New spirit. Unfold your potentiality of relating.

For any assistance and enquiry, kindly contact:
0120-4560347, +91-7599386010



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