One session, and it changed my life!

A year back, a lot of things had a hold on me—goals, future, fear and much more. As a result, I planned to join a software company or possibly merchant navy, both of which are considered quite respectable according to social conventions. Despite this, which was so indulging, I felt like something was lacking, was missing!
It was peace.
Grace, that a decision was made that day and I attended a session at BodhSthal on one of the Sundays.
One session, and it changed my life!

Being with Acharya Ji has taught me a lot. The clarity that radiates from His Being has certainly impacted me to see things more clearly.

From the anti-social, reserved guy, to the guy that can go and talk to anyone without hesitation, from the naive guy to someone who now understands himself and the world much better, from an egg-eater to a vegan and much more. I have come a long way and this could never have been possible without the guiding light in my life in the form of Acharya Ji.
Just his presence is enough to guide.
Words have limitations; some things are not in the grasp of these poor words!
I am grateful for this assertiveness and firmness that now reflects in my actions. With his words on my mind: Anchue raho, adig raho (remain untouched and firm), I remain more convicted and stable. Even in the moments of fear, there is something which remains untouched by fear.

Immense gratitude Acharya Ji.

Love you. ♥

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2 thoughts on “One session, and it changed my life!

    • Dear Marta Frant
      Greetings from PrashantAdvait Foundation!

      Good to see that you are inspired by the words of Acharya Ji.

      We are glad to inform you that seekers from all over the world get connected with Acharya-Ji through the following offerings by the foundation:

      1. Meet the Master:
      Meet the Master aka MTM is an opportunity to meet Acharya Prashant personally, either physically or online.

      To meet the master, send your application to or contact: Smt. Anoushka Jain: +91-9818585917

      2. Advait Learning Camps:
      Advait Learning Camps are monthly retreats organized by PrashantAdvait Foundation under Acharya Prashant’s guidance. These camps are about spending four days and three nights in the lap of nature, while reading, reflecting, learning and evolving.
      So far, scores of ALCs have been organised in places like Rishikesh, Mukteshwar, Jim Corbett National Park, Chopta, Kainchi Dham, etc.

      To participate in the camp, write an e-mail to, or call: Sh. Anshu Sharma at +91-8376055661

      3. Course in Realization:
      Course in Realization, a classroom-based learning program led by Acharya Prashant, is a humanitarian initiative towards disseminating clarity and intelligence in the world. In this course, a rigorous study of a scripture or a saint is undertaken each month.

      To join in, send your application to or contact: Sh. Apaar: +91-9818591240

      4. Month of Awakening:
      For those who cannot attend sessions physically, the foundation does online streaming of few selected sessions via Skype or Webinar. Known as Month of Awakening, this facility offers live streaming of sessions and helps seekers listen to Acharya-Ji while being where they are.

      To receive the blessing, send your application to or contact:
      Smt. Anoushka Jain: +91-9818585917


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