What is Motivation?

All motivation is external. Go into this. Motivation means an external force, an external agency, an external stimulus, is acting upon you and making you react in a certain way. Is that not what motivation is? So, someone comes and says a few words to you, those words have a certain impact on your mind and you start acting and behaving in a particular way. That is what you call as motivation or you watch an inspiring movie or read a fancy tale and that has a certain effect on you, a summoning of energy, and you call as motivation and you are happy with it.

But don’t you see what that does to you? That shifts the ownership of your energy to that external agency. If motivation can come from the outside, motivation will disappear when that outside disappears. And any external factor cannot always stay with you. A person comes and makes a rousing speech, you are motivated. Will that person stay with you? No. The person is gone, motivation is gone. That’s what happens with us daily, always.

An event happens that motivates you, a particular day for example, and the day is external. The person comes and motivates, the person is external. You read a book, the book is external. Something happens, an incident and that incident is also external and all these externals come and go, motivation also comes and goes. Not only that, one external factor comes and motivates you in one direction and the other factor comes and motivates in another direction. Now what to do? Papa motivates you to do one thing, the media motivates you to do another thing and a professional guru motivates you to do a third thing. Now, where to go? All these are externals pulling you towards themselves, pulling you in directions that they determine. Now, that is no way of living. That is no way of living a conscious life.

Real action does not come from motivation. An energetic, youthful action does not come from motivation. It comes from understanding and intelligence. It has spontaneity to it and it has inwardness to it.

Real action does not depend on an external agency. The external agency can at best take
you back to yourself, it cannot motivate you.


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