Two hours in His session and I knew- THIS IS IT!

Before meeting Acharya Ji, I was somebody else. Having met him, being with him has brought me closer to myself.

Somebody at  a canopy once asked me, “What made you join PAF?”
I said, “For a long long time, I was searching for something. I did not know what exactly. Two hours in his session and I knew- This is it.”
This answer was a revelation for me too.

I have never really been sure of what I am doing. My very living was a sum total of influences. An extremely ambitious, self-proclaimed intellectual, a patriot and what not.

I cannot even say I have ‘learnt’ something from him. I just sat and laughed with him; just listened to him. When and how clarity came and things started changing still remains a mystery to me.

Now I look back and realize everything has changed. A perpetually cluttered mind has found peace. My morally-struck past  has found a relief by realizing it’s uselessness. I have got the strength to discard the useless.

I feel blessed that he brought me close to him. I feel blessed that he saved me through and through.

He says,“Count your life by the number of miracles you have seen.”

Indeed, meeting Him was the most incredible miracle and I have been ‘alive’ since then.

Thankful to you!

WhatsApp Image 2016-07-31 at 20.48.15

~ Shivani Jha ~  

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