Want to know whether you are in a right profession?

Profession is livelihood. his question is actually asking, ‘What work is? What is worth doing in life?’ I ask you, ‘Have you ever wondered how much of your waking time you are going to spent working?’ Around 70%! In your waking hours you will be investing around 70% of your time, working. This is the most critical question in your life. What is worth doing in these hours? This 70% of my waking time! This is your life.

Work is your life as it is going to consume so much of your time. It is life. Have you ever bothered to deeply enquire? Do you love yourself? Do you love your life? If you do, then don’t you want to see what can be made out of this life? What is worth doing in this life? Don’t you want to find out? Our world is full of such people who entered into their professions for just the wrong reasons. Somebody told them that government job is wonderful; it gives security and respect, and they entered into it. And then they wonder that why they don’t want to work, and whine about their work all the time. Lazy, clumsy, dull, bored! Because that is how they got their profession. Somebody got it from his father. ‘I have a shop, now I pass on the shop to you.’ You take it forward. That is how profession came to him. Now any wonder that the man is always irritated?

The quality of the profession is defined by the quality of your life in it, not by the amount of sells you generate, not by the kind of respect society gives you for being in a profession. And quality of life is just not about how much money it gives you. It’s about love with which you can come to it. It’s about the energy you can give to it.

Want to know whether you are in a right profession or not? If you prefer to stay in it even if it does not give you any money then you can know you are in a right profession. If there is something you can give your life to, then know that you are in the right profession. ‘It does not pay me well, I do not make much money out of doing this and yet I want to do this and there is nothing else that comes to me.’ Then you know you are in a right profession. And only then the life is worth living.

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