You are the creator of stress

We will do a small experiment right now.

You all will start thinking about your ambitions. Does along with ambition come the thought of possible frustration of ambition; that I may not achieve my targets?

And it becomes stress. Right?

In really living, in being, there is no stress; but in anticipation, in planning, in targeting, in desirous thinking, there is a lot of stress.

Two people have a book of mechanics in their hands. One student is just fully occupied with the book. He is there and the book is there and nothing else is there. And the other is thinking whether this question will appear in the examination; or should I study some other chapter.

Examination is in the future, it is not in the present. And if when he is with the book, he is thinking, he is anticipating the future, then he would be stressed out. There is no stress till you create it. You are the creator of stress. Life is not stress at all. Our mind, our desirous mind thinks it to be so. It makes stress, it creates stress. Do not create stress. Just live.

~ Excerpts from the article, ‘How do I cope with the stress of future?

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2 thoughts on “You are the creator of stress

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