Quotes, October’15

He is the all-doer whose doing seems not;
I am the non-doer who seems doing a lot.



There is nothing called personal liberation.
There can only be liberation from the personal.



Close your eyes before you can see.



Love is not just an external action.

When Truth shines within, Love is its radiation.


Feeling threatened by the world,

you seek a false security from the same world.



Real objectivity is the disappearance of the subject,and hence freedom from the object.

The only way to clean yourself is to immerse in the ocean of the Self.



After dropping all, you’re left with nothing. Now drop the nothing as well.



From Him comes all illusion, and from Him comes redemption.



Do not discard particular opinions,

discard the opinionated mind.



With your thousand other priorities, the Truth will continue to elude you.



All internal voices are from fragments of the mind, the Total calls only in Silence.



Unconditional Love is a fierce commitment to reject all but the One.



No action can correct another action; only in understanding do all actions dissolve.



Love yourself enough to say that you deserve the ultimate Truth.



India is not really a geographical entity, let alone a political one.

India is the name given to Understanding, to going into the essence of things.

So, if you are really probing deep, you can never go away from India.

You may take the flight, you may reach home, yet India will be with you.


Words are like envelopes. One needs envelopes but there must be a worthy message within.


Don’t resist and have the Faith that you are powerful enough to take whatever comes.


There is great beauty when you are not in a resisting state. And the action is beautiful. Then there is love in action. And then there is peace. And great things get done.



When you can suffer fully like a superconductor, when you don’t resist the suffering, then suffering passes through you fully.



Don’t hold yourself back.

When you want to hug someone, hug fully. When you want to cry, cry your heart out.

And then see the magic.

It is only because you leave residues, that there is something left over, that there is something waiting to be done.

Don’t leave residues. Complete the whole thing. Complete it.

When the night is beautiful, complete the night.

When the moment is right, be completely in the moment.

Don’t leave things undone.



As long as the party is on, be in it, so that you won’t have to repent later on. And it’s all a sequence of parties. Life is what? One party to the next.



The expression of Love would always be felt with respect to objects. But that is the expression part of it and not the genesis or origin part of it. Love cannot originate upon seeing an object. It is something that is pre-present.



The world is just a flux, a movement,

a constant movement in which there is nothing but just the movement.


When you see that what you call as ‘life’ is itself a big lie,

then you stop wondering about death.



When the world dominates your mind, your heart weeps.



In a healthy society, you do not need rules, what you need is Intelligent people. If people are intelligent then there is no need of rules. And the more rule driven a society is, the more unintelligent it is.



Life is right now, everything else is an imagination.


The world is all the time reminding you, that you are inferior. And you never question the world.

You are so alright with your own sense of inferiority, that you would never question somebody when he is calling you ‘inferior’. But when there is a reminding process going on, that you are not inferior, you kind of feel a little awkward.



Renunciation is not a particular act.

Renunciation is the spontaneous dropping that happens

when you see how stupid it is to keep holding.




This restlessness that the mind exhibits, is not really its nature. That’s why it suffers in this restlessness. Going against its nature, it suffers, it is an acquired habit, not nature.



To realize consciousness is to start moving into Truth. To be going towards that from where all subjectivity and objectivity arises is to go towards the Truth.



Existence has no obligation to live up to your imagination.


Faith is when all imagination has seized. When even your trust in the fact has seized. Just the enquiry has not seized. And then you just know.



The final proof that you know is that your restlessness stops. And that is Faith.

Faith has no object. You can never have Faith ‘in’ something. Faith is just Faith.

The only example for Faith, rather proof, is your inner quietness.

You will not have Faith, Faith will have you.



Imagination is no crime. The crime is when you think of imagination as the Truth.

So imagine, but remember that you are imagining.



Once you are gone, once your current heap of rubbish has just been burnt down, then you are the son of existence.



Kindly die, and then live whichever way you want to live.

Playing is not for the player.

Don’t forget this.

Life is not for the living; life is only for the dead.



Let your mind be drawn towards God, Truth.

Give strength to that within you, which is drawn towards God, Truth, and Silence.  


Real change comes not from your effort but from your Surrender.

When the mind is immersed in the source, you are the Guru. 

Guru is not a qualification; Guru is a state of mind. 

For the centre to change, the existing centre can do nothing. The existing centre can do nothing, to change itself. All that it will do, will only reinforce it, never change it. Kindly drop this illusion that you can do anything, that will ever change you. 

Real change comes not from your efforts, but from your Surrender. 

Your words must have the weight of your Being behind them; otherwise, words mean nothing.

An insecure, fearful mind is due to lack of self-awareness. All identities, sense of self, obtained from outside can be taken away. Hence, fear. 

Where there are opinions, there can be no Truth. 

In your various desires, in your various movements, ultimately all you want is Peace. 

Seen anybody who wants anything except Peace? Even when you are chasing excitement, you are chasing Peace through excitement. Even when you are being violent, you want Peace through violence. Ultimately you want nothing except Peace.

‘Pure objectivity’ is when the subject has disappeared. And when the subject has disappeared, the object too has disappeared. So, ‘pure objectivity’ is, the disappearance of the object.

After dropping all, you’re left with nothing.

Now drop the nothing as well.

Going by your efforts, you can bring the mind only to the edge of the precipice. You cannot push it. You cannot make it fly. You can, by your efforts, rid mind of all the objects but any effort of the mind will never succeed in riding the mind of itself. Your efforts will drive away all the objects but the mother object will still remain, because the mother object is the mind itself. That cannot be driven away by the mind. For that you require Surrender and Faith.

When you realize that you can be the watcher of the mind, that you can be distinct from your thoughts, then there is no need for you to engage in compulsive thinking. Now, you ‘are’, even when there are no thoughts. “I see that I AM, when I think. And I see that I AM, when I do not think.”

If you are an ‘opposite’ of something, it means you are related to that thing, and it means that you would soon be turning towards that thing.

What you envy, you become.

Only when you are living with the Total,

then you are really living.

Then your life is sacred, not perverted.

Wise is the man, who, even by looking at half the moon, knows that the moon is One; One, Total, brilliant. Wise is the man, who, while living in the world, knows that there are things that are not visible, but are there, that there is more to living, than meets the eye. Only a fine arc might be visible, but the moon is a complete circle.

If there is nothing in your life, except that, which meets the eye, except that, which the mind can think of, then your life is very poor. And that is what is called, ‘materialism’. ‘Materialism’ is poverty itself. No materialist can ever be rich. There are only two kinds of materialists – poor and absolutely poor, because that which gives richness to life, is not material at all.

When you find that there is nothing in your life, which is inexplicable, which is so preposterous that you cannot even ‘think’ of it, let alone ‘speak’ of it, then you are living a very loveless life. You simply have no touch of ‘Love’, because love does not come to those people who live and believe only in the material.


Wherever there is ownership, there would be shame. Whatever you can own, would be a cause of shame for you. And there is no object that would not bring shame to you. The ego is mired in guilt, and it thrives in guilt. And from this sense of guilt, comes this desire of betterment.

“Let me improve myself. Let me get a glorious future. Let me try to achieve something.” The entire game of ambition, originates from this ‘guilt’. So do you see that how these are connected?

Freedom from ownership is also then, freedom from future, because freedom from ownership is also freedom from ambition.

Realization becomes anger in absence of action.

It is not about the object that is known;

it is about the entity that knows.

Tragedy of the knowledge dependent man:

He has no central internal anchor; he does not have an untouched, secure point to live by. 

It is a mind dependent on knowledge.

So some external news came and because this man was probably defining himself with respect to the external, a change in the external caused tremors in the internal.

You know that the one you are relying on is going to deceive you. Once again he is going to deceive you. You know you are going to end up disappointed yet again. But you end up knocking on the same door. You end up walking down the same road. This is not Faith. This is not Love. This is pure desperate dependency.

Leela is to remember whom you are wedded to. Leela is to not to turn an infidel. Leela is to not to cheat in the only Real relationship that you have. The only adultery is to cheat on God, because that is your only Real relationship. All other relationships can be compromised. But you are disloyal and dishonest, only if you compromise on the Truth. That is the only infidelity.

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