To really know is to take knowledge lightly

To recognize that – I do not know, is the surest knowing. One can call it the beginning and end of knowing.

Do not strain yourself. Just take your knowledge lightly.

We are full of knowledge. Once you realize that all this knowledge, is actually worthless, not really central or essential, then do not try for more knowledge, which is better than this knowledge. That is the mistake that we do.

We say, ‘The knowledge that I have so far is insufficient or inadequate. So there must be some superior knowledge. Let me get that.’ No, no, no. No superior knowledge exists. People have gone to the extent of talking about the ‘knowledge’ of Truth, the ‘knowledge’ of Brahman, the ‘knowledge’ of Atman. Stupidity!

All knowledge is just knowledge, and at the same level. Have knowledge, play with it, it’s a casual thing.

So when you say, “What is water? What is glass? What is this instrument? What is this wall?” there can be an objective answer. And whatever that objective answer would be, it would go into your memory and become more knowledge. But then you ask, “What is ‘knowing’?”

Then in terms of words, in terms of knowledge, it is just a cessation, a negation, a certain lightness.

To really know is to take knowledge lightly.

~ Excerpts from the article,I have been living in ignorance. How do I start living in knowing?


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