How will you ever know?

One needs to ask,

“If man is all the time trying to return, to what he can call as peace, or fulfilment, to completeness, why does he not simply return?”

The observation would be quite interesting. It should be easy to return actually; but what if a thousand, a million ways to return have been drilled into the mind?

What if a simple stroll away from the Home becomes a story of getting lost forever? Because having come out, you get confused with the various road signs that you see, and the various advices that you get from the well-wishers, the religious teachers, the community counselors, the teachers, the academicians, the philosophers.

The centre to which man really belongs is not a possessive centre. It gives man ample freedom to roam about, to wander.

The mind has all the right and all the freedom to project a world, to playfully toy with the world – Leela. So the mind steps outside that great empty centre, just as a sport, but outside what awaits is a long tradition of evolution and experience and scholarship.

When so much of advice is available on how to get peace, how will one ever get peace? When so many people are intent upon telling you what to do with your life?

How will you ever know what to do this moment when you are repeatedly being told, and told, and told, about what Love means, what money means, what work is, what relationships are, what society is, what God is, how will you ever know any of these?

~ Excerpts from the article, What is religion?

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