A miracle that happened!

I am Rajni, I have come from Delhi along with my daughter, Rhythm.


Coming to 24th Advait Learning camp has been a full package, a package full of life! And now when it has extended for a couple of days, I have no words to express my gratitude. 

Let me start from the start…

There were as such no preconceptions in my mind regarding how the camp would be, what all will happen, how it will proceed – such questions never bothered me before coming. Also, since I have been attending sessions held in Delhi, the depth, the clarity with which Acharya Ji speaks, the facts that he states about our life, are such an eye opener that such questions just do not pop-up, regarding – what, why, when. I had a certain conviction that whatever would happen, would be fine. Somehow, was feeling contended.

Earlier, whenever I got an opportunity to read a scripture, I would always think that can it even be possible that one could come in contact with such a masterpiece? Can one ever go through all the teachings, learnings and that too in the presence of the Master? Can one ever live a life, full of Life? Thinking this, I used to become excited and became eager to know if there really is a possibility of such a happening. Do miracles happen? Really? All these questions would often occupy my mind.

Finally, the magic happened! Here I was in the camp and right from the very first moment, each second has been a great learning for me. Coming here, to the camp, to the sessions, to Acharya Ji’s presence, these questions simply started to dissolve. I didn’t get any answer, but the questions, the problems themselves dissolved. I came to know that reading scriptures require a subtle eye; a gross eye can never capture the essence. Listening requires a deep understanding; it is from within that you listen, not the ears. And if we become alert, attentive, natural – the way we are – then life becomes simple. If that Faith is there, then that whatever will happen, will be fine, then specifically for me, this is something not less than a miracle. This indeed is magical!

Rajni Singh, singing Bhajans 

All the activities that we did in these days, all the plays, singing bhajans in evening, songs, trekking, the characters that we played in the skit, the morning prayer, the quotes that we received after the prayer, each and everything was an indication, a reminder.

The Meditative quotes of Acharya Ji that we receive after the morning prayer, stays with us for the entire day and they relate so well with our current state of mind and subsequently helps in dissolution, yet another magic! Your whole day starts and ends with that. It states the theme of life. It is more of a medicine. I take each quote as a morning pill and it helps me in remaining healthy the whole day. After receiving the quotes daily, we generally have the reflection session, in which we reflect on the occupants of our mind. These quotes have really helped a lot in observing the thoughts and then reflecting them in front of the Master.They acted more like a catalyst.

Morning reflection sessions at 24th Advait Learning Camp

The reflection sessions were so innate that one would simply express, bow in front of the Master, in tears. I saw people crying; I myself was one of them. There was pain in those eyes, the pain of separation, which dropped down as tears on meeting the Master.

The camp proceeded with us participating in the plays and it wasn’t confined to just performing but also involved script writing, directing and everything that would let the core express itself in all its vibrant colours. There are no coincidences that happen in Guru’s presence. Only that happens which has to happen and which must happen. So it was no coincidence that I got a role that strikingly related to the structure of my mind. This too I came to know when He himself told how a role is related to the whole structure. He pointed out about each one of us who were performing the play, and that observation of His was so deep that it did reveal the deep-seated tendencies within us. Is this any less than a magic that no instrument in the world, no technique can ever reveal this, which happens in His presence? Grace, sheer Grace!

And I have been reading scriptures a lot, from years I have been into it. I too thought that I have come to know a lot, I am gaining a lot, I am gaining wisdom, but on meeting the Master, I came to know that this knowledge too is a barrier. This was a big barrier for me, which actually got cleansed.


If I may, I would like to give special thanks to each and every individual here. And if by any means one gets a chance to be here, then it is nothing short of a miracle. An individual, a volunteer who is growing up in the presence of Acharya Ji, has become a miracle in himself. And I am not exaggerating anything. I have seen that. I have felt that. And this is something that no organisation, no home, no family can offer. I have been watching these volunteers growing and strengthening in past 3-4 years. Have seen how their lives have totally transformed. As if a new birth has taken place. Blessed they are that they could be in His presence. Learning is not a simple skill. It is not a skill at all. To me, it is like grasping something which in turn gives you Life and hence fills you with Joy. If a perfect life can be talked about, then for me, this is it. It can be seen here. It is not any ideal. They are the ideals.

The center from where a saint speaks, has always been a distant dream for me. I always thought that someone like me, doesn’t deserve any closeness to a saint. But how wrong I was. The saint was always available. All that I needed was to let my imaginary barriers dissolve in the light of reality and simply surrender. The Guru is always available to the surrendered one.

These days have been magical to me and I love it. I want my daughter, who is just 8 years old, to experience the same Love in the presence of Acharya Ji.

Rhythm, daughter of Rajni Singh

She was having her 8th birthday yesterday, here itself in the camp, and there was no conventional celebration like balloons, cakes and all. Instead, she got the best gift ever, a gift of understanding. She played a role in the play, and she was part of something which was related to life itself, that one can live, for which one can simply say ‘Yes’.

Rhythm, playing the lead role in the ‘MahaPlay’, at 24th Advait Learning Camp

I am glad that her roots are getting stronger at such an early age. She is really blessed to get the best what the world can ever offer, the Guru himself. I would really want my daughter to stay here, learn here, and know Life in its truest sense.

“The Guru is the Friend, and the Friend is the Guru.”

I wish words were able enough to express my gratitude for all that I have received.

Thank you so much! Thanks a lot.

Editor’s note: 

Rajni Singh, a strong single mother, a courageous activist and now a sincere volunteer at PrashantAdvait Foundation.
Ms. Rajni Singh with her cute little munchkin Rhythm have been a part of the foundation ever since our Rishikesh tour. From the first long drive away from home to Rishikesh for attending Acharya ji’s session, to full blown volunteering at Dharmashala, she has come a long way and has proven her metal at every challenge thrown at her.
She spoke her heart out after attending the 24th Advait Learning Camp, Mukteshwar.  

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