The ways of Grace are impossible to know


Question: Sir, I have to do daily practice to bring myself back to the centre but for some people, it seems that it happens immediately. Why is it so?

Acharya Prashant: Lady, what is your name?

L1: Noorie.

AP: If you want something with all your heart, would you want it right now or would you want it tomorrow?

L1: I would want it right now.

AP: If you want it right now, would you adopt a path? Is not sadhana a path? If I want something right now, would I adopt a method or would I just stand up and with all the energy in every single cell of my body cry out, ‘I want it right now’?

L1: I do, but I also see myself, sometimes identifying with certain things, I see the conditioning, Grace has brought me to see certain aspects of my life and I see how grace is working in different aspects of my life and always purifying them.

AP: First of all it is good that you are talking of Grace but please never claim that you can see how Grace is working. Grace, by definition, can only be thanked, never really concluded or analysed. One can never understand the ways of grace.

Yes, one can only be full of gratitude towards it. One can never know how it works, one never knows why you are in front of somebody right now one never knows why you are not doing something right now. Whenever you say that is not happening, you must remember that it is more than eager to happen at all points in time and space. That is absolutely willing to happen, you have to find out, how you are blocking it. There must be something you hold as dear or there must be something that you are afraid of.

L1: I want it to happen.

AP: It will happen, it is happening right now, allow it.



L1: There is still something lacking.

AP: Kabir — the wonderful saint, poet — has said that the Truth comes and sits only on the cleanest, purest, highest seat — the throne reserve for it. If in that space something else or somebody else is there, then the Truth refuses to come.

Please clear the area. Only the lord should be allowed there, nobody else.

Surely there is some idea, some concern, some person, something there that is occupying the place of Truth. The Truth will not come if you have other priorities. Everything else must hold 2nd 3rd 4th 5th…20th priority.  First priority must belong to the Truth and then it comes.

L1: I want to believe that I am waiting for the Truth

AP: Okay, suppose there are ten things in a room and you want to clear that room, you want to let go off things, so what will you do with those 10 things? 1 thing kept out, 2 things kept out, next thing kept out and ultimately 10 things but still the Truth is not entering saying, ‘No the room is still not clear’.

Something is still there, what is still there?

L2: Yourself.

AP: Yourself.

So when you say that you are trying to clear things, maybe you are not trying to clear away yourself. After 10 things have cleared out, you must also take yourself out of that room. If you remain there even then there is a problem. But that is the last thing to say, usually, we remain along with a lot of our accessories.

L3: So, how do we clean all these accessories?

AP: When they are seen as stinking and rotten and dirty.

L1: But that is a judgement, that’s the evil here.

AP: That is a fact. Is your hurt a judgement, are your tears a judgement, is the daily suffering a judgement, is the tension, irritation, jealousy and possessiveness a judgement?

Is your hurt a judgement? Are your tears a judgement? Is the daily suffering a judgement?is the tension, irritation, jealousy and possessiveness a judgement?

Are your tears a judgement? Is the daily suffering a judgement?

Is the daily suffering a judgement?

Is the tension, irritation, jealousy and possessiveness a judgement?

When you see that this is what is coming to me out of all these things, then you say, ‘If all that this relationship can give me is daily chaos, then who wants it!’ Now, it is gone. You have not dropped it, the attraction is no more. Gone.

Watch the Session: Acharya Prashant: The ways of Grace are impossible to know

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