The person who loves you will show what you actually are


The first morning at the camp site


Hello, I am Shashikant Patange, and I work as a Senior Manager in Human Resources Department for a German company in Baroda.

(When asked, ‘What is so special about the camp?’)

Shashi says, 

The way the camp is conducted is not in the conventional way, which I like very much.

The clarity in thoughts which is lacking in our lives, here, in the presence of Acharya Ji is so easily available. The difference that you feel by being here is really important.

This is what I have learnt here.

Shashikant with his friend and colleague, Baba 


I have attended lots of programs like Art of Living, Vipassana, but this is something really different! Talks are based on the real issues of our lives. No, lalaland. In spite of the depth they hold, they are immensely simple.

So, once it is simple, it’s simple.

Life is simple.

That’s what I have taken from the camp.

A wonderful experience, the location which Acharya Ji selects again brings us near to our fundamental nature.

I also love the way Acharya Ji relates. The way he explains; sometimes, he is strict in making his statements, which I like the most. It might hurt, but it is Real!

The person who loves you will show what you actually are.

We are becoming so complicated nowadays. This camp helps us in being simple, being authentic, which is really very-very important to get a  healthy mind and living.

That’s all.

With Acharya Ji and his group mates

Go with the flow;

be Real;

be authentic,

that’s what I am taking back with me.


Editor’s note:

Shashikant Patange works as a Senior Manager in Human Resource department for a German company in Baroda.

Join the 28th Advait Learning Camp, in the presence of The Master, from 26th to 29th January’17


For joining the upcoming camp, send an email to:





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