You already know everything

I am asking you a very simple question — Have you ever seen a camel drinking the milk of a goat? The camel knows that it must drink the milk of its mother, and only for a few months, is that so or not? And the camel needs no Guru for that.
Have you ever seen a horse drinking the milk of an elephant?

Why do you drink the milk of a buffalo, are you a buffalo? Why do these simple things not occur to you? Does the buffalo come and drink your milk? If the buffalo is so intelligent that it won’t come and suck at your wife then why do you want to go and milk the buffalo?

Everything in existence knows its proper diet, why do we not know?
Have you ever seen an animal violate its diet-patterns? Try feeding grass to a lion; try feeding flesh to a cow; try. How is it that we do not know what to eat and how is it that we over-eat?
Man is the only animal that dies of over eating, how is it possible, figure out.
From where is this knowledge coming that obfuscates our sharp intelligence? Our sharp intelligence is lying buried under the load of acquired knowledge, why can’t you reject all this acquired social knowledge?
The moment you reject it, you know everything.
You already know everything.

Further Reading:

The Flying Kiss to the Sky

cover_fksA Flying Kiss to The Sky, is a collection of excerpts from various discourses of Acharya Prashant, arranged in a special order which makes it the ideal first book, for all who want to come close to the facts of their own lives.

The book is divided into three parts, each part helping the reader to appreciate the working of his own mind and hence, the world in more clear and precise terms. Its unique one-page-one-chapter format, makes it even more simpler. It won’t be wrong to say that it is a book for all: Reader, or non-reader; Professional, or Spiritual.

Paperback: Advait Publications Page

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