We do not know peace; we know agitation

When you are at peace with yourself then you become a cause of peace for the entire universe.
First of all, be at peace with yourself.
We do not know peace. We know agitation; disturbance; turbulence. When it is there, then admit it, acknowledge it. Don’t pretend that it is not there. Don’t escape away to a fancy destination. Don’t run away to a shopping mall or to a temple or to an ashram.

Further Reading:

The Flying Kiss to the Sky

cover_fksA Flying Kiss to The Sky, is a collection of excerpts from various discourses of Acharya Prashant, arranged in a special order which makes it the ideal first book, for all who want to come close to the facts of their own lives.

The book is divided into three parts, each part helping the reader to appreciate the working of his own mind and hence, the world in more clear and precise terms. Its unique one-page-one-chapter format makes it even more simple. It won’t be wrong to say that it is a book for all: Reader, or non-reader; Professional, or Spiritual.

Paperback: Advait Publications Page

2 thoughts on “We do not know peace; we know agitation

  1. Kunnath venugopalan

    Osho writings are too large.Jiddhu’s very tough to understand sometimes.Both the wisdom I find here in clear , simple and short words.Mother earth is always kind to us. Again within our reach ……My pranam to you Prasanthji
    Without loss of time I wish to be with you


    1. Acharya Prashant (आचार्य प्रशांत) Post author

      Dear Kunnath Venugopalan,

      Blessings from Acharya Ji!

      We are glad to share that now seekers from all over the world can get connected with the Master through various initiatives by the volunteers of PrashantAdvait Foundation.

      1. Advait Learning Camps:

      Advait Learning Camps, led by Acharya Prashant, are rare and blissful experiences, giving one the unique opportunity to come close to the forgotten saints and their scriptures, and live amid nature.

      To participate in the camp, write an e-mail to requests@prashantadvait.com
      For more details or queries, you may call: Sh. Anshu Sharma: +91-8376055661

      2. Courses in Realization:

      A Course in Realization, a classroom–based learning program led by Acharya Prashant, is a humanitarian initiative towards disseminating clarity and intelligence in the world.

      Relevant sections from scriptures like Srimad Bhagawad Gita, Upanishads, Brahm Sutras, Ashtavakra Gita, etc. are studied in these courses to unpack the ancient mysteries contained in them.

      Sessions are conducted by Acharya Prashant himself at Advait BodhSthal, Noida.

      To join in, send your application to requests@prashantadvait.com
      or contact: Sh. Apaar: +91-9818591240

      3. Shabda-Yoga Sessions:

      Clarity sessions with Acharya-Ji are like the runways from where one takes-off to the camps. These sessions are famously known as Clarity Sessions and have been attracting genuine seekers of Truth since last one decade.
      They happen twice a week in Delhi-NCR. On all Sundays at 11:00 am and on all Wednesdays at 06:30 pm.

      For those who cannot attend Shabda-Yoga sessions physically, the foundation does online streaming of these sessions via Skype or Webinar. Known as Blessings from Beyond (BFB), this facility helps seekers from across the globe listen to Acharya-Ji while being where they are.

      To receive the blessing, send your application to requests@prashantadvait.com
      or contact: Smt. Anoushka Jain: +91-9818585917

      4. Meet the Master:

      Meet the Master aka MTM is an opportunity to meet Acharya Prashant personally, either in person or online via Skype.

      To meet the Master, send your application to requests@prashantadvait.com
      Or contact: Smt. Anoushka Jain: +91-9818585917



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