Whatsoever is left unfulfilled, seeks fulfilment through thought

Thought arises only when there is a challenge, a problem, a doubt, a dispute. If everything is well-settled, then there is no need to think. In intimate love, everything is surely well-settled. So, where is the need for thought? You will know all the intimate details about God, but you will say nothing. Not only will you not say anything to others, you will also not say anything to yourself. You won’t even think. Thinking is an insult, an abomination. In matters of the Real, you just be. You do not think.
If you have to think about your Beloved, if you miss your Beloved, it is a sure sign of absence of Love. Where there is something Real, it is always complete. The Real is complete by definition. What is complete by definition does not seek completion through after-thought. If your meeting has been complete, you will not be left groping the memories.
Whatsoever is left unfulfilled, seeks fulfilment through thought. That which is Total and Complete, just fades away, dissolves. Hence, the Real Lover will not make himself felt through thought. He would not want to become an object in your mind. He will not say, “Remember me at all times in the day”.

The sign of True Love is that you can forget.

You can totally forget.

You are so assured that there is no need to think or remember.

Thought is not needed. Verbalization is not needed. You are knowing without thinking – and that is Real knowing, when you know without thinking, when you know without effort, without knowledge, without memories.

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The book is divided into three parts, each part helping the reader to appreciate the working of his own mind and hence, the world in more clear and precise terms. Its unique one-page-one-chapter format makes it even more simple. It won’t be wrong to say that it is a book for all: Reader, or non-reader; Professional, or Spiritual.

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