You do not need to remember God


Listener 1: I have attended three of your sessions. In the first one you talked about listening. Now, one of your friends was saying that you came to the session and you couldn’t remember anything because you were just there. I started listening and to be honest I can’t remember anything and even with these videos of yours, I was watching and listening to them and it made sense but now I can’t remember anything.

AP: It’s unnecessary, it’s quite unnecessary. Little bit will go to the memory which is alright and rest of it you don’t really need to memorize.

L1: If I look back trying to remember then there are one or two important things that come out of the whole saying.

AP: You have to make an effort but it’s unnecessary, there is no need.

L2: I think it’s because you talk to us and it goes straight into the unconscious.

AP: It’s not like that. It’s just that… The Truth is not a sentence, the Truth is not a word. If that appeals directly to the formless, wordless within you then that is it. The formless, the wordless is finding more acceptance through that video. The ego is able to accept silence through those words. So it’s not that as if something new is happening. It’s not as if he is giving something to you. It’s just that your own silence is being verified, reconfirmed.

That is why you won’t need to remember, because remembering is unnecessary, he is not giving anything new. All he is saying is-go to peace. Now you know that already. He is just saying that through many ways, this way, that way, this word, that example, that context and ultimately he is saying something very simple, what? Stay true, stay in peace. You already know that and that is why you don’t need to remember the rest of it. The central message is so simple and it doesn’t need to be remembered. That is why you don’t remember. Only complexities need to be remembered. That is why you do not remember much of all this.

Do you remember where your nose is? How many times do you memorize this? How many times does this thought comes to you per day that your nose is right there within the perpendicular of your eyes, up above your lips.

L3: He is trying to grab the image of it.

AP: That he is trying to grasp something?

L3: Yes

AP: The right word, that he is trying to grasp, not the Truth. When Krishnamurti appears to be searching for something, to be plucking something from air. It’s not the truth that he is plucking from air. It,s just the word, the right word that can communicate.

Listener 3:

AP: Brush your teeth daily, be nice to the servant, don’t look at the neighbour’s wife, don’t even look at your own wife, have unconditional love for everybody’s wife. (Everyone Laughs)

What is this unconditional love thing floating around? From where is it coming?

L4: New age spirituality

AP: New age spirituality , unconditional love…….

L: Rather than facing the facts, we do unconditional love.

AP: Let’s do unconditional love. What are you doing these days? I am doing unconditional love. (Laughter again)

L: Actually that’s why I was in the Ashram that I stayed the other month. And it was like they were imposing on you unconditional love.


Spirituality is not another name for stupidity. To be spiritual is to be beyond normal intelligence. It does not mean that you won’t even be normally intelligent.

L: When the Truth is here then why is this so many yoga, asanas, meditations. How does…it seems so far of Truth. I walked around the town and saw million different shops that try to sell something naming them the Truth.


What is Maya? Search for the Truth.

Listener: Once in the way communicating feelings, the images that we have of each other by taking responsibility?

Speaker: I didn’t said that you have to take responsibility, it is again like doing responsibility. I said that  when you are the right one then all your action is responsible action and if you are not the right one then you may keep trying to act responsible but you’ll still be irresponsible. When you are the right one then you can forget all about responsibility and still you’ll be very responsible.

Listener: There are responsibilities in relationship and it is impossible to relate

Speaker: In fact,

Responsibility is a redundant word. You need not even think about responsibility. When you are rightly yourself then whatever you do is the right action, the responsible action. And when you are displaced then whatever you do is an irresponsible act. The funny thing is only when you are displaced that you want to be responsible. Thought of responsibility doesn’t come to you when you are centered.

L: So there is no thought at all.

AP: No there is no thought. You do not feel like fulfilling your responsibility.

Are you conscious of your responsibility right now? I am not. Did I think that you all are responsible towards each other right now but I am not at all conscious of what my responsibility is? I am sipping tea and having a nice time with you. Who cares for responsibility.

-Excerpts from a ‘Shabd-Yoga’ session. Edited for clarity

Watch the session: Acharya Prashant: You do not need to remember God


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