You got food on you?

“If you live as the body, you will value only that, which is related to the body.”
This is a quote by Acharya Ji that I read a long time back.

It is good you see, to throw it in during a conversation for flaunting your prowess in knowledge in front of others. All of it with an extraordinary dignity and poise that you can muster up in those few seconds of glory.

But tell me, is it all just about words? Or something else?
What if….all, Acharya Ji has been saying is actually true?
What if it is possibility of ‘something else’ actually exists?

Today, for the whole day, for some or the other reason I couldn’t eat my food.
My breakfast got skipped because I had some urgent work to attend.

For lunch, I could manage a few pooris. But, due to this looming danger of dosing off due to the ghee kicking in with all its might,  I had to put the brakes on after a few of them. *sigh*

But then, the whole day was occupied with food. I WANTED TO EAT.

So, after work when I planned to go out for a food binge, I was called upon by Acharya Ji for gym. I went with him half-heartedly, with my stomach revolting to walk off on its own if I move an inch towards the gym.

I sat in the car with him and after many skirmishes to crush my stomach’s resistance failed.

I finally asked Acharya Ji , ”So, I hope you’ve eaten well, we need a lot of strength at the gym today. It had been a busy day.”

For a minute, he seemed puzzled and then looking blankly into my eyes, he says, “I think I’ve eaten just two loaves of bread the whole day.”

“And the pooris that Omkar made?” I enquired.

“Oh! Yes a little. I’ve been busy all day.”

And with a childlike smile on his face, he announces,”It was a real productive day today.I got so much done” I just nod silently and learn my lesson.

1 thought on “You got food on you?

  1. rahul

    it would be better that one who is writing the memory mention his/her name.

    My question here would be what would have happen if guruji had said that he has eaten hi food like any other day, and rather enjoyed it.
    what would be your your take there?



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