The man I saw in the session, was now different

I was a bit restless since the morning, anticipating for the evening to come. I had volunteered for standing at the canopy for the Foundation for the first time. A mix of excitement and butterflies.
So, finally the evening came and I was informed by Kundan sir that I would be with Apaar sir for the canopy. A stout man with a rather handsome face, gentle in his conduct, when it came to talking to people. For me, I was just awkward in the beginning. The canopy turned out to be fun as with more passing time and with some support by Apaar sir I was able to move swiftly to people and ask them to come over to my stall.

As the evening drowned in the night, the place got thicker with people in the market. I was busy talking to someone, telling him about Acharya Ji and the Advait movement when suddenly I heard Kabir’s bhajans along with the guitar strumming. I automatically wore a smile knowing that more volunteers had arrived the scene. Kundan sir told me that things like these happen here.

I turned back to see the celebration and to my amazement, there I saw Achrya ji himself, standing casually with a guitar and singing gaily. In a green t-shirt, paired with black jeans, he was singing loud surrounded by his disciples in the middle of the market.

BY the end of it, I could manage this pic.

This stark change of appearance from regal embroidered kurtas in his discourses to these casual; I just couldn’t be assured of myself whether I’m seeing the same man or not.

The man I saw in the session — his piercing eyes observing and constantly scanning the faces, his thunderous voice commanding you to listen — was now different; the soft glow on his face and a gentle smile he was wearing.

But what made me stand in awe was that he belonged to the market as much he belonged to the session. That too with so much ease.

Reminds me of a quote by him that I recently read…

“Guru means a great paradox where the periphery and the center dance with each other, where the sky and the stars are one with each other.”

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