Shamsher the rabbit

A rare pic of Acharya  Ji with Shamsher.

The little one, Shamsher, is one amongst many rabbits at Advait BodhSthal, yet there is something about him that needs to be shared.

He is generally not found with other rabbits, prefers to stay alone. He remains restless, insecure, fearsome, there is a reason behind that. Acharya Ji had found him on a road, fearing the dog that was attacking another rabbit. His kindness saved his life and brought him to stay with other rabbits at Advait BodhSthal. Since that incident, fear has overpowered his mind. He remains skeptical about everything that he comes across, except one!

Whenever Acharya Ji arrives at Advait BodhSthal, he is the first one to run with his tiny-winy legs towards His Grace. He would come and settle down on Acharya Ji’s feet and relax. Acharya Ji would then often lift him up and embrace him.

This incident is an indication to how we remain restless, insecure, fearful. All that we await for is the presence of That that would settle us down.

God has been kind on us that our restlessness could meet the relaxing touch of Acharya Ji’s presence.

~ Shared by a volunteer at Advait BodhSthal

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