The Guru is not a person

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Acharya Prashant: You concern yourself only with the Truth. The Truth will take care of the material world. You remain with the Truth, the Heart, the Self, whatever you like to call it.

When the ego remains with the Truth, then the mind, which is nothing but the environment of the ego, remains alright.

Then all the calculations are just perfect.

These things you must understand.

What is this thing called the mind? The Mind is nothing but the field of the ego. The environment around the ego. The center of the mind is the ego. When the ego is with the Truth, then the center of the mind becomes the Truth. Wherever the ego is, there the mind is. The mind does nothing except serve the interests of the ego.

Put your ego in the right place and the mind will be right.

Put your ego with the Truth. Put your ego in the Heart, and then the mind will function very properly.

The mind will still calculate, but those calculations will have a quality of divinity about them. The mind will still compare, but that comparison would be serving some transcendental purpose. That comparison will then, not harm you. That comparison will then not tell you that you are small or big. That comparison will then be impersonal in some sense. That comparison will then not be serving the needs of your personal aggrandization or welfare. That comparison will then be in the flow of things. Moving towards nowhere, coming from nowhere; just comparing for a mission that ends in nothing.

You would still work very hard and you would deploy the mind towards your hard work. But your hard work would not be for the sake of a fruit that will give you peace. Your hard work will be just hard work. And if you are asked to explain why you are working so hard– it would be a tricky situation for you  — you would not know.

All you will be able to say is, “I cannot help it, I need to work hard.”

For what?


For what?


Silence is the answer. Silence here, does not mean ignorance. Silence here means, silence itself is the answer. For what?


Why are you working so hard?


Why are you working at all? Why are you still alive?


Such is the condition of a man who has set his priorities right. Such is the condition of the ego that has surrendered itself to the Truth. Such a man is seen acting, working, sleeping, talking, eating like most other human beings. But if you go close and really have the eyes to look into his life – you will find something very extraordinary is happening there. That extraordinary is extraordinary only in comparison to the rest of the world; otherwise it is very ordinary.

So it is both extraordinary and ordinary. Ordinary in the absolute sense, extraordinary in the relative sense. If you are wearing a T-shirt, you will find him wearing a T-shirt; probably the same brand and the color. If you like to eat rice and dal, he too would probably be eating rice and dal on the table next to you. You speak Hindi, he too would be speaking Hindi. If you have a cut on your right elbow, he may have a cut on your left elbow.

Going by his physical appearance, his language, his demeanor, you might not detect anything. But then if you really go close, that is, if you have it in you to go close, you will be astonished.

You are that man. Just go close to yourself!

Because the way of the ego is such that, once you hear such a man exists, you start looking for him outside! Where is that man? “Sir said that he might be at the table next to me!” You go and catch hold of some fellow who is sitting there and you start looking at his left elbow, “Where is the cut?”

You are that man. Kindly be introduced to yourself. Wake up and say good morning to yourself, “Welcome me.”

Give a visiting card to yourself. You are that man. You are the real one. You are the devoted one. Just that you are living in separation with yourself needlessly.

Listener 1: Acharya Ji, I would want to know a little bit about the master’s grace-the master as a person.

A.P: What happens is that, sitting as you are, you take yourself to be a person. When I speak in Hindi, it becomes a little difficult for you because the person that you are does not know Hindi. So even to be a recipient of grace, the person’s struggles with his personal limitations, matters.

Grace might be falling freely, but you are not in a position to receive it because you are confined with the limits of the person; and the person does not know Hindi. Hence you require a medium on the outside that tally’s with; who is conducive to, who matches with the requirements of your personality.

In such a case, the master, also needs to be a person. Because you cannot hear walls speak. The wall is as open a book as the Upanishads. But you cannot hear the walls speak. Because you are a person, you only need a person speak. In such case, you require that grace appears in front of you like a person.

Otherwise, the master is really not a person. And the more you advance, the more your person-hood is dissolved. The more you see, you do not need a person in front of you. In fact, the shape of the master will change according to your shape! As long as you are one type of a person, you will find that the teacher is of one type. The more your constitution, your personality changes; you will find the personality of the teacher is also changing. In fact, the teacher has no definite personality. His personality is just a veneer that he has put up in order to assist you.

You change; you will find him changing. When you are moving out of your persona, you will find the teacher is also moving out of your persona. That is why the teacher is bound to disappear one day. He appears only in forms that are useful to you. The moment that utility is exhausted, he is done.

But nowhere for a moment must you start believing a person to be a teacher or a teacher to be a person. The personality of the teacher is just a temporary method. Don’t confuse the personality with the teacher. The teacher really is the Truth absolute; nothing else.

The Truth absolute appears as the teacher, nothing else!

Grace of the master does not mean grace of a man or woman. The man or the woman is in front of you – that itself is sufficient grace.

Now what more do you need?

 -Excerpts from a ‘Shabd-Yoga’ session. Edited for clarity

Watch the session: Acharya Prashant: The Guru is not a person

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