To be integrated is to be one, and to be disintegrated is to be divided

To be integrated is to be one, and to be disintegrated is to be divided. Not completely in, not completely out. Not completely here, not completely there. Not joyful, not hopeless either. And the division is not merely two-fold. It’s not as if one’s mind is divided in two. The mind is divided into 20,000 parts. Each part running in a separate direction. And that is conflict, that is violence that is what the speaker refers to as the unspeakable sorrow. Because from the divided mind of the individual results divided relationships, divided societies, ultimately a divided world. And everything is just bits and pieces. That’s the pain, right?

Suppose you are sitting here, and you’re not completely here. Do you understand the agony of that, the sheer sorrow of that? Why should I move from that platform to this place, so that I can be, fully with you? And that alone can be peaceful. That is integration. Are we getting this? Being here, yet not being here, would be sorrow.

Now, what is education doing? Is it helping me as a teacher and the student be whole, be complete, be totally here? Or, is my education sending parts of me somewhere else.

Let me give you an example. Study today so that you may get a result tomorrow. What is being done to the mind of the students? Study today, so that you may get good results tomorrow. What is being done to the mind of the students? Please tell me. Where is the student? The student is here. And where are we sending his mind?

In Future.

What is important, that, there, in the future, the results. This is Disintegration. Unknowingly the teacher has disintegrated the student. Not that the teacher has bad intentions. He’s a teacher. Yet because the teacher has not taken care, to deeply inquire, what has resulted in is that you have broken the child or parents.

What is the child? The child is, the student is, what he or she is. And then there is the comparison. The comparison that begins at home, is institutionalized by the university. How? These are the toppers. Now, what else do the parents do? “The neighbor in so good at studying, you are not.” The University takes that forward in a more polished way.

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