No knowledge is ever going to deliver the goods for you.

Knowledge has no stickiness of its own. It is the mind that is sticky. It is the mind that feels that it is incomplete and hence must have knowledge to feel complete. As soon as that stickiness, that incompleteness that blank that is eager to contain something, as soon as that is given up, then knowledge falls off on its own.

Do you keep things in your house that have no utility? Or, do you just go past them? If you actually come to see that most of the knowledge that you have has no utility, you will find it dropped. Knowledge exists because the ego takes pride in accumulation. Even if it is actually adding nothing to my life, even if it is actually just making me more miserable, yet I can at least claim that I am knowledgeable.

You know so much of history, you know so much of what is going on in the neighbor’s house, you know so much about what is going on in the political circuits, you know what is going on in a particular football league. How is that really giving you love or peace or stillness? You know of things that have so little real value for you. Why don’t you forget them?

You don’t forget them because they help you feel as if you know. They help you be able to claim that you are THAT. Drop the knowledge. That doesn’t always mean that you have to be free of memory. It may sometimes just stay in the memory, but the memory need not be something squabbling, active, trying to gain attention, trying to come to the forefront of conscious thought. Let it stay behind.

It doesn’t matter what the quality of knowledge is. No knowledge is ever going to deliver the goods for you. Never. It does not matter what the genre is. You may say, “I was reading fiction or science or technology or romance and now I have elevated myself to spirituality and now I am ordering more and more spiritual books.” It does not matter, books are books.

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