• “Do you understand disease? Dis Ease – a sense of dis ease, the one who is not comfortable.”


  • “The problem disappears, the moment it is diagnosed correctly. Once I said, when the disease is unreal, the diagnosis is the cure. All you need is the diagnosis. You do not know what is happening.”


  • “Instead of chasing a medicine, pay attention to the disease.”


  • “You don’t hesitate because there is something wrong with you, you hesitate only because you think that you must be dependent. This thought is the root of hesitation. Remove this thought. You are young, you are capable, you are an adult. There is no need to be dependent. By all means take information from others, by all means, take guidance from others, but do not be dependent, dependency is an altogether different animal, it’s a disease.”


  • “Low thinking is the kind of thinking that continuously goes on and on, like a chronic disease, never to end. High thinking starts as thinking and ends as understanding.”


  • “Whenever, the natural harmony of things, of movement, of existence is upset then there is disease; disease on both sides – the man and the woman. When things are healthy, then, nobody controls anybody. Neither the man controls anybody nor does the woman control anybody. When things are diseased, then both parties control each other.”


  • “What we call as progress is the disease of the mind. The saint has no need for any progress – for progress always belongs to the future and the saint is the one who has quit the future.”


  • “A man or a woman, who cannot live in silence, is mentally diseased.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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