• “Rishikesh of Shiva must stand for dissolution, not continuation in another name.”


  • “Rishikesh of Shiva must stand for dissolution, not continuation in another name.”


  • “Shiva is annihilation, it’s a full stop and every full stop is a ground for infinite Universes.”


  • “Shakti is wonderful, only when she is emanating from Shiva. Only when Shiva as center, does Shakti have life. Otherwise there is no Shakti.”


  • “The Shiva never goes to take a dip in the Ganga, He is the origin of all Gangas.”


  • “A child, simply splashing water in his bath-tub, is to me, more of a spiritual icon, than any accomplished guru. He has more of the untouched play of Shiva in him.”


  • “The Present is Shiva. The Present is that which is present, which is all that there is.”


  • “You sit like Shiva, and then you will dance like Shakti. You have both, you are everything. Sit still like Shiva, so that you can have all the energy of Shakti.”


  • “Shiva is Shiva and is Shiva separate from Shakti? You could just say that Shiva is Silence and Shakti is the words. And they are together, always together. That togetherness is represented in Krishna. You look at Krishna as a person, and his words and actions and even intellect and plans and all that which this world stands for- relationships, wives, war, victory, and you look at the essence of the Gita- there Krishna is just Shiva.”


  • “On Shiva Sutra: Atman is the mother of mind; Awareness is the mother of consciousness.”


  • “Shiva is pure stillness. In Krishna, you see both stillness and dance.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Shri Prashant

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