• “When you are seated in the Truth, then you can call a fact a fact. I repeat this, when you are seated in the Truth only then can you live in facts.”


  • “Do not correct to yourself; instead, just see what you are doing. Surrender is about looking at one’s daily life which is not imaginary. Do not try to think of an imaginary God. Live in the facts.”


  • “Do not have any image of what you must become. Just know what you are. And in that knowing, if there is any change to happen, it will happen. The fact is — in knowing, the deepest change has already happened!”


  • “Living in facts means really and honestly knowing what is going on; not letting my fear come in the way of my awareness.”


  • “Spirituality is not about taking things blindly, at face value. It is about really having the courage to stand the fact of anything, even if it’s distasteful.”


  • “Spirituality consists of coming to the fact and stopping; remaining there. Nothing is to be done, no way-ahead or forward or back or behind, no progress, no here, no there, no future, just this. And this is it.”


  • “Sex is beautiful only if you can see the divine in the other. Sex is beautiful only if the body is not just body, but a temple. A temple, at the center of which, God himself sits. Do not try to have sex with someone, you cannot see as a God or a Goddess. If you cannot worship the feet of a woman, if you cannot respect her, if you cannot surrender to the woman, don’t try to have sex. And that is same for the woman too. If you are not looking at the body as the temple, then touching the other is just rape. In fact, almost as a ritual, you must worship before touching. And again, almost as a ritual, you must bow down, after the act. Not push her away and turn to the other side, because you are now finished, done with, and you want to now, snore.”


  • “Observation begins and ends with a fact, that’s it, full stop.”


  • “The fact can be worded. The fact that now you know that fact, is the truth. It cannot be worded. That, which powers you, to come in touch with the fact, is the truth. That power is not a fact. But it powers all facts.”


  • “If you could just see the whole dynamics of our eating, our wearing, our walking; the house, where it comes from and what it is; the car, where it comes from, how it’s made and what it leads to, if we could just know these things, would we still live the same way? Are these facts so difficult to know? And don’t they deserve to be known? Don’t you want to know what you are putting on your head? Don’t you want to know what you are applying on your face? Don’t you want to know what you are wearing? Don’t you want to know what’s going down your throat? Don’t you want to know? If you could just know that much, life would change. And that is, spirituality.”


  • “Let the mind live in facts, let the mind live by faith.”


  • “Facts lead to Truth, and you cannot come to facts without the Truth.”


  • “Facts lead to Truth, and you cannot come to facts without the Truth.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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