BFB Final Poster

Why life is not Lively?
Why am I always thinking about society?
Why am I insecure?
What am I searching for?
What is my deepest desire?
How do I know the right path?
What makes Life worthy?
Why can’t it be so simple?
Why does the mind wander?
and more…
“The quality of this moment
decides the quality of life.
If this is life, then the worthiness
of this moment
is the worthiness of life.”
~ Acharya Prashant
PrashantAdvait Foundation brings to you the rare opportunity to understand RIGHT LIVING and hence plunge into LIFE, RIGHTLY with Acharya Prashant (An IIT – IIM alumnus, and ex-civil servant).
A month-long course including
2 day Camp with Acharya Prashant!
Dates: 19th – 20th May 2018 (Sat – Sun)
Place: Delhi and Greater Noida
Contact: +91- 8512828430

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