• “Hesitation is there because there are too many masters. Hesitation is there because there are too many pulls and all of these pulls are in conflict with each other. There are too many voices and none of them are mine, my own voice is missing, all external voices are dominating my mind.”


  • “You hesitate, only till the point, you keep your eyes close. Then you will have to be dependent upon several others and these several others do not speak in one voice. That is conflict. Here (head). You cannot do anything, you are torn apart. Ten forces, all pulling you in different directions. The third stage is when the mind is free of the influence of others. When you have taken care to pay attention, to understand. Now, your life is yours, now your decisions are wise. Now you can really see, so there is no question of hesitation.”


  • “You don’t hesitate because there is something wrong with you, you hesitate only because you think that you must be dependent. This thought is the root of hesitation. Remove this thought. You are young, you are capable, you are an adult. There is no need to be dependent. By all means take information from others, by all means, take guidance from others, but do not be dependent, dependency is an altogether different animal, it’s a disease.”



These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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