• “Free of lust, you are relaxed and beautiful. Free of you, lust too is free and beautiful.”


  • “When you look for satisfaction in material that is called lust.”


  • “And a woman, rises from being an object of lust, to a deity worth worshiping, when she loses her womanliness.”


  • “Life is what you do minute by minute, second by second, hour by hour. Minute by minute do you think why did God created the Earth or the Universe? Minute by minute you are taking over by questions of ambition, hope, worry, security, love, lust, achievement, fear, desperation, respectability – these are the things that really matters to us. In fact even when we talk of God we talk of some big entity, a fatherly figure, a respectable one, a creator and all powerful one. Do you see then that authority, security, respectability, bigness – this is what really matters to us? Let us rather ask questions which are very-very ordinary, I assure you that it is in the ordinary questions of one’s daily life that both the problem and the solution lie.”


  • “Lust is to Love, what the world is to the Truth. Lust is to love, what the Manifest is to the unmanifest – they are one. One is expressed, the other is not. Just as there is nothing called a transformation of the world into God, similarly there is nothing called a transformation of lust into love.”


  • “Love is to see the essence of lust. Attraction towards objects is lust. That is the direct and simple definition of lust.”


  • “Even if you are attracted towards the butterfly, it is lust. Even if you are attracted towards a utensil, a pen, a building, a motorcar, it is lust.”


  • “Love is that great sleep which is unaffected by all lust.”


  • “The movement of mind is lust. Your commitment to the center in the middle of all lust is love.”


  • “Lust needs no transformation. You need transformation. And your transformation is just about you moving into your essential nature. Go there.”


  • “Love is to be a right participant in the game of lust.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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