Acharya Prashant Ji’s November Schedule

1. Camps with Acharya Ji

🍃 Vishranti

(Three days of festivity)
Chennai – 2nd to 4th November

🍃 Free Hearts Camp

(Three days of freedom)
Jim Corbett – 9th to 11th November

🍃 Blessings from Beyond

(Two days in Bliss)
New Delhi – 17th & 18th November

🍃 Advait Learning Camp

(Four days of Joy)
Bhopal – 23rd to 26th November

2. Online courses with Acharya Ji

🍃 Courses in Realization

Hindi Discourses on various Saints
13th November onwards

🍃 Month of Awakening

English Discourses on Khalil Gibran
14th November onwards

3. Counseling Sessions with Acharya Ji

🍃 Meet the Master

🍃 Spirituality for psychological health

🍃 Fulfillment through relationships

To participate, e-mail at: or call/whatsapp: +91–9457214165

Also available on YouTube: Acharya Prashant Ji’s November Schedule

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