The Language of the Heart

You must also learn to feel safe. You must feel assured of your security. Don’t give energy to thoughts that make you feel small, petty, vulnerable, exposed, and insecure.

Things are good. Alright.

You are not in an alien land. This is your home, don’t tremble so much.

Stretch your arms and feel the earth. See it is not really shaking, it is holding you in her lap. Nobody is conspiring against you. There is no need to fear. There is no need to run helter-skelter for security.

There is no need to hate yourself so much.

Krishna is the heart of Arjun

What is Niyati?

In the English language we take it as destiny. Niyat Karma – appointed karma. What is the appointed karma for you? What is the decided karma for you? What is the karma that destiny wants you to do?

What is destiny? Destiny is that which is unavoidable. Right! Destiny is that from where we come and into which we will dissolve. Is destiny a matter of our conditioning? O,r is destiny that which is the beginning and the end and also the middle?

What is destiny?

We call it Prarabdh, we call it Kismat (destiny). What is that? It is a very abused word. Without really knowing what it is, we keep using it in our everyday communication. If destiny means that which can never be avoided, if destiny means that which you cannot run away from, if destiny means that which you have no place to hide from, then destiny has to be omnipresent, then destiny has to be almighty. There can be no destiny except the Truth. There can be no destiny except that which we commonly called as God. There is no destiny except that which the Upanishadic Rishi would call as the Brahm or Aatm. There is no destiny except Krishna, the guru.

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The Language of Emotions

A little bit of disturbance in the mind, you call it anger or irritation; seismic waves in the mind! And your cheeks flush and your body starts shivering and then you say you are getting emotional, right? From where is the emotion drawing its energy? What is contained in your subconscious? Are emotions not a beautiful opportunity to learn from your mind?

Don’t you want to know, why you got furious? Don’t you want to see, what saddens you so much? We cannot often read the subtle language of the mind.

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The Voice of the Heart

When you look skywards, your eye rests on ‘something’, and you try to find beauty in that ‘thing’. You say, ‘Look at those clouds, what a neat formation.’ You say, ‘See, how full the moon is tonight. Lovely!’ You sometimes even do praise the pristine blue of the sky, but never the sky itself; and … Continue reading The Voice of the Heart

Love, take me to the Heart!

The Guru is the lover, the lover is the Guru, and there can be no distinction between the two.

This challenges our images.

The lover is imagined to be active, attractive.

A Guru is imagined to be staid, passive, wise, but hardly attractive in the worldly sense, that is.

No, these two definitions must converge, and they can converge only if both of them dissolve.

The heart or the mind – whom to listen to?

Listener: Should we give preference to our mind over our heart? Speaker: Akshay has come up with a remarkable question. His question is,’should we give preference to our mind over our heart?’ We will understand this because this question is relevant not only to Akshay but to many of us. I think most of us. … Continue reading The heart or the mind – whom to listen to?

You are wonderful, beautiful, awesome, simply as you are

The dance of intelligence is possible only with
an innocent Heart.
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Acharya Prashant on Veganism: Is it possible to be spiritual and eat animals?

Spirituality is about moving from incompletion to completion, and killing this and destroying that is about moving from completion to incompletion.

So, it is not possible, not at all possible to be spiritual and yet a consumer of this, that and I am not only refering to meat, when you raise crops from the perspective of destroying them after their season and after their utility, it is much the same; in fact, if you are that kind of a vegetarian, it will not really take much of a push to turn you into a meat-eater, and that is why, you see, it is fairly common for vegetarians to flip into meat-eating; that which was not there, suddenly cannot appear. The seeds of violence were there even when one was a vegetarian, and that is why upon persuasion and upon opportunity one moves to meat.

Veganism cannot be a taught quality, it has to be something of the heart.

Acharya Prashant on Brazil Elections

If one is ambitious, aggressive, insecure, seeking to promote himself, then whatever be his stated policies, he will end up exploiting everybody, just to further his personal goals and ambitions. It doesn’t matter which party he is contesting from. It doesn’t matter, what policies is he tom-tomming. If he is someone who has no compassion, if he is someone who knows no love, if he is someone who can use people to further his personal interests, then irrespective of his political affiliation, irrespective of his stated goals, he will be dangerous for both the country and the world in general.

What I am saying, sounds strange, because that is not the language of the political discourse. But I am saying that the voter must ask himself: Does my president know love? Does my president know humility? Is my president able to give up what shows up as false? Or is my president a very-very attached, a very possessive human being?

The President comes later, the human being comes first, obviously. And the president will not be able to supersede the human being. The president is first of all a human being.