A Mystic who was once an IIT-IIM alumnus, and a Civil Servant

img_7852-2Prashant Tripathi, known as Acharya Prashant, was born on March 7, 1978, at Agra, India. Eldest of three siblings, his father was a bureaucrat and mother a homemaker. His childhood was spent mostly in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

Parents and teachers found in him a child who could often be quite mischievous, and then suddenly, deeply contemplative. Friends too recall him as having an unfathomable temperament, often not really sure whether he was joking or serious. A brilliant student, he consistently topped his class and received the highest commendations and prizes possible to a student. His mother fondly remembers how she was honored several times as “Mother Queen” for the academic performance of her child. Teachers would say that never before had they seen a student who was as brilliant in Science as in Humanities, as adept in Mathematics as in Languages, and as proficient in English as in Hindi. The then Governor of the state felicitated him in a public function for setting a new benchmark in the Board examinations, and for being an NTSE scholar.

The prodigal student was a voracious reader since he was five years of age. His father’s extensive home library consisted of some of the world’s best literature, including spiritual texts like the Upanishads. For long hours, the child would be tucked away in the most silent corners of the house, immersed in stuff that was meant to be understood only by men of advanced age and maturity. He would skip meals and even hours of sleep and would be lost in reading. Before he had turned ten, Prashant had read everything that was there in the father’s collection and was asking for more. The first signs of the mystical appeared when he started writing poetry at the age of eleven. His poems were imbued in shades of the mysterious and were asking questions that most grown-ups could not grasp.

At the age of fifteen, after being in the city of Lucknow for many years, he found himself in the city of Ghaziabad near Delhi, owing to his father’s transferable job. The particular age and the change of city accelerated the process that had already taken deep roots. He took to waking at night, and besides studying, would often be staring silently at the night sky. His poems grew in depth, a lot of them devoted to the night and the moon(Read poems). Rather than academics, his attention started flowing more and more towards the mystical.

He continued to do well academically and gained admission to the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. His years at IIT were full of exploration of the world, deep involvement in student politics, and performing as a debater and an actor in nationwide events and competitions. He was a most vibrant figure on the campus, a dependable student leader, and a soulful performer on the stage. He would consistently win debate and extempore competitions in which participants from across the country would compete, and would also win prizes for directing and acting in meaningful plays. In one of the plays – Jhapurjha, he got the ‘Best Actor Award’ for a performance in which he did not utter a word and moved not a single step.

He had been sensing since long that there is something fundamentally amiss in the way most people perceive the world, the way our minds are conditioned to operate, and hence something amiss in the way the relationships between people are, the way the worldly institutions are designed, the way we relate to each other – basically the very way we live. He had started seeing that this faulty perception was at the root of human suffering. He was deeply disturbed by man’s ignorance and cultivated inferiority, the evils of poverty, the evils of consumption, violence towards man, animals, and environment, and exploitation based on narrow ideology and self-interest. His entire being was raring to challenge the all-pervasive suffering, and as a young man, he guessed that the Indian Civil Services or the Management route might be an apt one to take.


He gained admission to the Civil Services and the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad in the same year. However, because the service allotted to him based on his rank was not IAS – the service that he had wanted, and because he was already seeing that the government is not the best place where revolutionary changes can be brought, he opted to go to IIM.

The two years at IIM were obviously rich in the academic content he absorbed. But he was not the one who would confine himself to slogging for grades and placements, as is the norm in these coveted institutions. He would regularly spend time in teaching kids at an NGO that operated in a slum close to Gandhi Ashram, and would also teach Mathematics to graduates to earn to spend at the NGO. Besides, his angst at human ignorance expressed itself through theatre. He took up plays like ‘Khamosh, adalat jaari hai’, ‘Rhinoceros’, ‘Pagla Ghoda’, and ‘The night of January 16th’ and directed them, besides acting in them. At one point, he was directing two parallel plays. The plays were performed in the IIM auditorium to packed audiences from across the city, and some from outside the city. In the profit-centered and self-interest driven atmosphere of the campus, he had found himself an outsider. These existentialist and rebellious plays helped him vent out his anguish, and also prepared him for the bigger stage ahead.

The next few years were spent in the wilderness. He describes this period as one of particular sorrow, longing, and search. Looking for a piece of sanity in the corporate world, he kept switching jobs and industries. To gain composure, he would take time off and be away from the city and work. It was increasingly becoming clear to him that what he wanted to do, and what was crying out to be expressed through him, could not happen through any traditional route. His reading and resolve intensified, and he designed a leadership course for post-graduates and experienced professionals, based on wisdom and spiritual literature. The course was floated at some reputed institutions, and he would sometimes be teaching students elder than himself in age. The course met with success, and the way started becoming clearer to him.

At the age of twenty-eight, he bid goodbye to corporate life and founded Advait Life-Education for ‘Creation of a new humanity through Intelligent Spirituality’. The method was to bring a deep transformation in human consciousness. The initial audience chosen was college students who were offered self-development courses. Wisdom from ancient literature was taken to students in form of simplified texts and engaging activities.

While the work of Advait was great and received appreciation from all and sundry, there were great challenges as well. The social and academic system had conditioned the students to study to just clear examinations and to have a degree to secure jobs. The self-development education, the education of the Beyond, the life-education that Advait was attempting to bring to the students was so new and so different from everything that they had ever read or experienced that it would often lead to indifference, and sometimes even hostility from the system. Often even the management body of the colleges and the parents of the students would totally fail to grasp the utter importance and immensity of what Advait was courageously trying to do. However, amidst all these difficulties, Advait continued to do well. The mission continued to expand and is touching and transforming thousands of students.

Around the age of 30, Acharya Prashant started speaking in his Shabd-yoga sessions, Samvaad, or clarity sessions. These were in the form of open discussions, essentially pure Satsang. Soon it started becoming clear that these sessions were deeply meditative, brought the mind to a strange peace, and had a miraculously curative effect upon the psyche. Acharya Prashant’s voice and videos would be recorded and uploaded on the internet (links below). And soon this site too was developed to publish his writings and the transcriptions of his talks.

Around the same time, he started organizing Self-awareness camps or Aatm-smaran shivir. He would take true seekers with him to the Himalayas, in groups of around 30 each, for periods of around a week. These camps turned out to be deeply transformational events and the frequency of the camps increased. Scores of camps have been organized so far providing immense clarity and peace in relatively short spans of time.

Acharya Prashant’s unique spiritual literature is at par with the highest words that mankind has ever known. He remains engaged sharing himself in the form of shabdyoga sessions, shoonya-smaran activities, self-awareness camps, and one-to-one meetings with the many seekers who visit him, from all parts of the world. He attacks the mind so vigorously and simultaneously becalms it with such love and compassion. There is a clarity that radiates from his presence and a soothing effect from his being. His style is forthright, clear, mystical and compassionate. The ego and the falsenesses of the mind do not find a place to hide in front of his innocent and simple questions. He plays with his audiences – taking them to the very depths of meditative silence, laughing, joking, attacking, explaining. On one hand, he appears as somebody very close and approachable, and on the other hand, it is obvious that the words coming through him are from somewhere beyond.

The thousands of videos and articles uploaded by him on the internet are precious spiritual resources, available to all those who seek them. Personally too, he is ever open to meeting sincere seekers of Truth. Today, the Advait movement has touched the lives of more than a million individuals. Through his direct contact with people, and through various internet-based channels, he continues to bring clarity, peace, and love to all.


Shabda-Yoga Session: Acharya Prashant speaks in clarity sessions at Advait Sthal, Noida(U.P, India) as per the following schedule: Sundays at 11:00 am, and Wednesdays at 6:30 pm.

All are welcome. To attend the sessions, please confirm at +91-9999102998. Attend Clarity Sessions

Advait Learning Camp: The Learning Camps led by Acharya Prashant are rare and blissful experiences, giving one a unique opportunity to come close to the Saints, the Scriptures, nature, and in the process, to the Self. Held in the lap of the Himalayas, twenty-four Learning Camps have been held till now.

If you seek to participate in the camps, send an email to requests@prashantadvait.com, and/or call at +91-9999102998.

Email: requests@prashantadvait.com


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122 thoughts on “A Mystic who was once an IIT-IIM alumnus, and a Civil Servant

  1. प्रशांत जी,
    आज नेट सर्फिंग के दौरान न जाने कैसे मैं अद्धैत से रू-ब-ऱू हो गया. वेबसाइट देखी आपके वीडियो लिंक देखे और फिर एक आकर्षण सा पैदा हुआ. मैं तहे दिल से आपको इस अद्धितीय कार्य के लिए शुभकामना देता हूं. और साथ ही चाहता हूं कि मैं भी आपके साथ जुड़ूं और आपसे कुछ सीख सकूं.

    वाकई लाजवाब….
    आपके साथ


    • दिग्विजय जी,


      धन्यवाद जो आप ने पढ़ा और सम्पृक्त हुए। जिसकी प्रेरणा से मैं बोलता हूँ, उसी की प्रेरणा पढ़वाती भी है।

      लिखे भी वही, पढ़े भी वही। तो लिखना-पढ़ना जारी रहे, आप जुड़े रहें।


      Liked by 1 person

  2. namaste sir,you are doing wonderful job
    for me ,your videos are like daily meal..literally i watch your 1-2 videos everyday….watching them give me a break from this world’s race and help me to understand myself
    but i still now i dont understand what is HIDP that you talk about in your videos,


    • Dear Mandeep,

      Somehow saw your message only today!

      HIDP refers to Holistic Individual Development Program that my organisation Advait runs in educational institutions.

      Clarity and Wisdom,


  3. Thank you prashant Sir for maintaining social spiritual contribution after coming from an IIT,IIM background. It feels great. Usually people who are intelligent cannot inclined towards such type of clarity and spirituality.


    • Dear Rahul,


      Spirituality is both the root and the climax of intelligence. Without spirituality, no intelligence is possible.

      Keep reading.



  4. Dear Sir,
    After reading n listening your videos I couldn’t stop me to express my feelings, I am learning much through your Saying. I am also a motivational and soft skill trainer in Delhi NCR. I am looking to be with you and contribute my part in this sacred n pious act of God.
    Shiv Narayan


  5. सादर प्रणाम,
    आपके बोल पढ़कर नई नज़र व समझ मिलती है.. अद्वैत शब्द से आकर्षित होकर आपकी विडियो देखी फिर ब्लॉग पढ़ा ।

    आपको धन्यवाद।



  6. नमस्कार सर,
    Your speeches are very motivative.
    i have read your article “why must i know truth”, In this article which truth was discussed?? Sir, many questions always occurs in my mind about life, religion, god, human etc. I don’t know these questions have any meaning or not, but sometimes they put me on stress. I try to find there answer in your articles.
    धन्यवाद सर


    • Devendra,

      Your question has been answered in the articles in this blog.

      Or try coming over for sessions at Advait Sthal, Noida.

      Sundays 10am and Wednesdays 7pm. 0120-4560347.



  7. Hello sir,
    It was a treat to watch your video. It was highly motivating.I am here to analyse mine inner self calling. I am pursuing my B.Tech (I.T., 4th year) form KIET , Ghaziabad ,and I had a good academic records still i am not fond of coding and all thing even it is frustrating for me . At this recruitment sessions time for the companies,I need my clear objective for my future professional life.Please guide me for the same.
    With Regards,
    Srishti Mathur


    • Sristhi,

      Refer to this blog or my youtube channels. You will get ample there to address your queries.

      Or, better still, try coming over for sessions at Advait Sthal, Noida.

      Sundays 10am and Wednesdays 7pm. 0120-4560347.



  8. hello sir,
    i hope u remember me, i wrote few thoughts and gave it to you, which i feel would have been like a hand full of dust in front of such a himalaya like ‘words of silence’ of yours
    this is first time i visited your “words into silence” and now promising to ‘myself’ to be a ‘silent’ reader


  9. Sir mera question
    Maira ateet bahut hi kadwa hai jab bhi mujhe mere ateet ki Yaad aati hai mai dukhi ho jata hu sir Iska kya ilaaz hail


  10. Sir aapk videos Aur thoughts se mai bahut inspired hota hu Aur tansion bhi kam hota hai sir aap bahut acha Kaam kar rahey hai
    Samajh k youth ko abhi sahi guidance ki bahut Jaroorat hai Aur aap se bahtar unhe koi guide nai kar saktal

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Hello sir,

    The blog is just awesome, i’ve gone through many post and these are not just POST these all are reality, that actually happens. Yes! agreeing and disagreeing are a part, but still it make me think twice to take any decision. I’m learning a lot of thing through your blog. Highly appriciated sir.


    • Bharat,

      You are welcome to come over to the clarity sessions, from where these articles emerge.

      Sundays 10am and Wednesdays 7pm at Advait Sthal, Noida.




  12. Guruji,
    Thanks to you for this putting tour effort towards human enlightenment. I am very impress with you session and thought specially your speech on clarity session. i would like to associate with you and want to serve .
    Pls guide.



    • Ajit,


      Firstly give yourself a chance to sit in the sessions and experience things firsthand.

      Sundays 10am and Wednesdays 7pm. Advait Sthal, Noida.




  13. WOW..awesome..mein ab aapki kahi hi baaton ka palan karti hun…such a inspiring one.beech mein main zara depressed thi par aapki baatein yaad aayi bhale hi main aapke contact mein hahi thi par vo lecture yaad aa gaya ..thanx


  14. Hello sir, maine aapke videos ( who am I) etc dekhe hain…
    Maine pahle bhi meditation karta rahaa hoon…
    Aur maine advait (myself) ke glimpse bhi mile hain but further ko. Progress ni ho rai hai…
    Please give me some advice….


      • Thanks sir ,
        I can stop my thoughts for few ,minutes and at that time i meet with void. is this not the advait……?
        Then kindly explain me, what is that voidness…..?
        And please tell Me how can i finally get rid from, the mind….


  15. I can also hear the soundless sound…. . And I have many other eperiences,
    Kindly, please explain about these type Of Experiences…..
    Swami vivekanand, the preacher, of advait Wrote in rajyog. Book. I.e. If you hear The inner
    Sound…. You


  16. You are on the right track… So please tell me.. I am on the right track or not?
    And please don’t_tell all of This is imagination bcause if the inner world is imaginary, then i can say the whole world is imaginary.. And you, know this truth_very_well… If my any word hurt you then forgive me…..


  17. आदरणीय अलौकिक भ्राता जी नमस्कार
    मुझे भी बचपन से आध्यात्मिकता में रूचि है। और मैं ब्रह्माकुमारीज़ संस्था से जुड़ा हुआ हु।मेरा मानना है की ज्ञान जहाँ से मिले उसे ले लेना चाहिए।आपके इन लेखो को पढ़ा और अनुभव हुआ के जैसे यह जीवन के अंतःकरण से निकले हुए है। कितने भीतर समां जाते है। ऐसा क्यों होता है के आध्यात्मिक जीवन में अचानक कुछ ऐसी परस्थितिया आ जाती है जो अपने को हम सामान्य लोगो से भी कमजोर महसूस करते है। हमारे ही संस्कार हमारे प्रगति में रुकावट बन जाते है। मैं आपका clarity session attend करना चाहता हु। आपसे मिलना भी चाहता हु। अध्यात्म में रहते हुए भी मुझे लौकिक दुनिया क्यों खीच रही है।


  18. Guru ji,
    i am very confused and i am not understanding any thing.
    That what is mind. Is i am a conscious mind?.
    is we all are mind? Then what is soul? what is a role of intelligence? Guru can u please explain me the link between senses, mind, inteligence and soul? and how will fell the fear ,happiness and sadness. our mind or our soul.
    PLEASE help me GURU JI….


  19. Just read a reply to the article how to handle difficult people on speaking tree. Immediately I wanted to talk to you. Happy to know I can connect in many ways. Would like to attend one of your sessions.


  20. धन्यबाद सर, आप हमलोग के लिए ब्लॉग बनाये है | यहाँ जीवन को आनंद में जीने के लिए समाग्री है |


  21. Dear Prashantji

    for a long time I heard passionately OSHO
    thereafter ekhart tolle
    thereafter JK
    now I am hearing you….., passionately….because i am getting more clarity on hearing you …
    I am in Bahrain
    wishing to meet you at the earliest opportunity



  22. Dear Sir
    Sat Sri Akal

    Few moments ago, I was surfing the Facebook and suddenly came to your article posted by Sh Udit Gupta Ji about “Aloneness” and “Ego”. Both post are very extraordinary and full of clarity. After Beloved J Krishnamurti, you are the second person, that I have read with such a fantastic clarity. Heartiest thanks from the core of my heart.
    With Deep Regard & Love
    Gurtej Singh


  23. Dear Sri Prashant, we (my wife Ganga and I) met you in Tiruvannamalai two weeks ago. We were both impressed by your satsang at the time. Could you please let us know whether there will be any camps or other under your guidance are going to be held this/next year? And if so, where?
    Thank you in advance.

    Arthur Bonarius ‘Sathya’


  24. Dear Prashant Sir,
    My mind troubles me alot (fails to see meaning in anything as everything is temporary) and I am not being able to dedicate myself to anything (like I earlier used to be able to). In order to get a little peace, I have read Tao Te Ching, Ashtavakra Gita, Vivekachudamini, Jiddu Krishnamurti and many more again and again( Because my restless mind gets to the point of becoming mad again and again). I had an experience one night when I slept while reading Vivekachudamini and I woke up from my sleep at 4:00 AM and upon waking up , I realized that the sleep was real and this world is a dream so so clearly and I tried telling my parents about it ( I am 24 years old now)but couldn’t figure out how to. I had lost all desires for my favourite foods etc and was completely free from fear as I knew so deeply within that this is a dream and not real. But then my attachments towards my family members didn’t let me be in that state and I forced myself out of it by voluntarily creating desires in my mind( it surprised me how difficult it was to do it at that time). I know I need to again be in that state to achieve peace but I also feel the need to act out of my attachments and finish some tasks which I otherwise might not do.Yes I can see that my mind is seeking security and I do not want to risk it even though it is based on temporary desires. I am choosing to delay giving up my desires(if it is possible) for a few(5-7) years. I just want to know your views Sir. You are the closest person to me I can connect to. You are doing the best thing a human being can do. I feel restless,helpless and scared again. Your videos always give me a ray of hope.


  25. Sir IITs IIms Civil Services and den a Complete turn around yeh toh had hi ho gai. Hats off sir,you are truely spiritual n not an escapist. I bow down……..


  26. Prashant sir I get a lot of knowledge through your blogs and it is very helpful to improve my daily with a lot of changes
    thank you sir
    thanks a lot


  27. sir …my age is just 20
    and i am 1st year student from IIT/K
    par jeene kki ichcha khatm ho gayi
    jeevean me har dum kuch alag karen ka akanchha hoti hai
    kuch kkuch apki tarah
    many time i thought about sucide …wahi dikhave ki life se pareshan hokar
    but then i think i can do what i am thinking..
    sir i am really inspired from you
    and want to join us sessions
    can u tell me from which session i should join ??

    one more thing sir
    “”Prashant Tripathi on Rumi: जो महत्वपूर्ण है वो टलता रहा, व्यर्थ से जीवन भरता रहा (Priorities,future)””

    i want to know
    in which location this session hasbeen organised??
    kindly tell..will any session be organised in that llocation in future?


    • Dear Abhishek,
      Greetings from PrashantAdvait Foundation!
      The reply to this comment is made by the volunteers of the foundation who maintain the blog.

      Glad to know that you are so inspired by the words of Acharya Ji. Share your contact details with us so that your meeting with the beloved Acharya Ji can be arranged.

      We are also glad to inform you that seekers from all over the world get connected with Acharya-Ji through the following offerings by the foundation:

      1. Meet the Master:
      Meet the Master aka MTM is an opportunity to meet Acharya Prashant personally, either physically or online.

      To meet the master, send your application to requests@prashantadvait.com or contact: Smt. Anoushka Jain: +91-9818585917

      2. Advait Learning Camps:
      Advait Learning Camps are monthly retreats organized by PrashantAdvait Foundation under Acharya Prashant’s guidance. These camps are about spending four days and three nights in the lap of nature, while reading, reflecting, learning and evolving.
      So far, scores of ALCs have been organised in places like Rishikesh, Mukteshwar, Jim Corbett National Park, Chopta, Kainchi Dham, etc.

      To participate in the camp, write an e-mail to requests@prashantadvait.com, or call: Sh. Anshu Sharma at +91-8376055661

      3. Course in Realization:
      Course in Realization, a classroom-based learning program led by Acharya Prashant, is a humanitarian initiative towards disseminating clarity and intelligence in the world. In this course, a rigorous study of a scripture or a saint is undertaken each month.

      To join in, send your application to requests@prashantadvait.com or contact: Sh. Apaar: +91-9818591240

      4. Month of Awakening:
      For those who cannot attend sessions physically, the foundation does online streaming of few selected sessions via Skype or Webinar. Known as Month of Awakening, this facility offers live streaming of sessions and helps seekers listen to Acharya-Ji while being where they are.

      To receive the blessing, send your application to requests@prashantadvait.com or contact:
      Smt. Anoushka Jain: +91-9818585917


  28. Pranam,Guruvar!

    The satsang I attended in Rishikesh in March was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the silence you took all all to.

    P.S.- I have been searching for the video from that day (I don’t remember the date but you spoke about destiny, karma and it started with a lady asking about how to gain success in life. The next day you spoke about Kabir). Would you please let me know where I can watch that video. I have been searching it on youtube and the group, only to fail.

    Best regards,


  29. Namaste Prashant Ji …..
    Your Article are Excellent
    So Mind is Full of Something is Ignorance ,
    So Empty mind is Self
    I like very much some Ego, Enlightenment , Enquiry article
    Very nice Articles
    Im the Follower of Shri Ramana Maharshi & Shri Robert Adams
    I m always prefer Silence , Be Still, Dont think anything ,Stop Thinking


  30. I am respecting your views n visions
    But Some time , Some Articles Are Very Difficult to Understand ,
    You know Very Well About Advait , But for the Simple man how he Understand the Advait , Brahmam , Self , Enlightenment
    Please Littlebit add some examples in Your Articles for Easy Understanding …
    My Wholehearted Pranams to Guruji Sri Prashant Advait Acharya Ji


  31. I consider myself so lucky that I got a chance to attend samvad.It has great impact on my mind.My life experience some positive changes.I take this platform to thank you.
    Thank you sir 🙂


  32. today i attended talk in raman kender delhi.i didnot grasp every point as i am not enough inteligent,even than i feel that with the grace of mahrishi raman that i will feel the advait in daily life by your efferts.


  33. Please conduct a google hangout or skype clarity session, particularly on Sunday for those who can’t travel long distances and take questions in that clarity sessions. This will increase the outreach and will be convenient for most of the people. This will be much appreciated. Also, do something abt the sound quality.
    btw, the new look of the website is awesome !


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