• “Once the beauty of That is revealed to you, you fall in Love with it.
    And then it remains maintained.”


  • “Whosoever is obsessed with make-up is a person who terribly and deeply believes in his or her ugliness.”

  • “Need cannot be the basis of any relationship, including a leader-follower relationship. Any relationship cannot be based on need, because when you need something from somebody then you will not let that person free.
    The basis of relationship has to be one’s own fullness: “I am so complete in myself that I am not begging something from you”.
    This is what love is. Two people who are perfectly alright in their aloneness, when they get together, that is a healthy and beautiful relationship. They do not need each other, yet they are with each other.
    “We do not need each other, yet we are with each other, in our freedom”.
    That is a healthy relationship.”


  • “What takes you to your beautiful Heart is beautiful.”


  • “Honesty is not a policy. Honesty is your uncorrupted way of living. Where there is a direct beautiful movement from the Self to the mind, from the mind to the thoughts, from thoughts to action, that is honesty.”


  • “You have known beauty when the not-so-beautiful is as beautiful as the most beautiful.”


  • “Our faces look like they are produced in an assembly line. All look exactly the same. There is no depth in them. All appear very shallow and very alike.
    Real beauty lies in a face which has fought battles. A face which is raw. A face that has scars of life. A beauty that is untouched by all the battles and all the scars.”


  • “And laughter is ugly when it arises from reasons of the conditioned mind.
    Do I know the beauty of causeless laughter, reasonless tears?”


  • “You’ve realised beauty when it is not the preserve of a special moment, place or person. When you can see it in the ordinary, the commonplace.”


  • “Beauty is not the opposite of ugly, neither is beauty something pleasant.
    Beauty is beauty in the ugly, and beauty is beauty in the pleasant.”


  • “When you say you have created a beautiful room, you mean you’ve raised attractive walls.
    In the beauty of vast space, walls don’t exist.”


  • “Beauty is not a work of mind. It is not a place, person- heard or read.
    When the ugliness within ceases for a while, beauty is what remains.”


  • “You are not obliged to act decent. You are not obliged to conform any standards. It’s not complicated, it’s the heartbeat.Listen to it there!In pursuit of Truth, do not forget Beauty!Truth and Beauty are One.If your pursuit of Truth is not a beautiful pursuit, then it is not the Truth.”


  • “Truth naked is Beauty.
    Truth fabricated is ugliness.”


  • “Whatever takes you towards your beautiful Heart, is beautiful; whatever takes you away from the Beauty in your Heart, is ugly.”


  • “There is great beauty when you are not in a resisting state. And the action is beautiful. Then there is love in action. And then there is peace. And great things get done.”


  • “Find something overwhelmingly beautiful, and you won’t need to concentrate.”


  • “‘Vulnerability’ is like that beautiful green leaf dancing in the wind.
    The wind is there, and the leaf is responding to it. That is ‘vulnerability’.
    Come the wind, come the dance. No wind, no dance.
    The wind and the dance are one.
    The wind and the leaf are one.
    And the leaf has not decided to dance, and the leaf has not decided to not to dance – this is vulnerability.”


  • “You are wonderful, beautiful, awesome, simply as you are.”


  • “Can I do something more to reassure you that you are wonderful, beautiful and so very nice, without thinking, without planning, without speaking, without smiling, without achieving, without running, without reaching, without even wondering? Just with nothing. With absolutely nothing, you are still so nice!”


  • “What is beautiful?
    That which takes you towards the Beautiful.
    What is ugly?
    That which takes you away from the Beautiful.”


  • “If there is one golden rule in life, remember this, it is –
    ‘You’ are unnecessary. ‘You’ are unnecessarily here. ‘You’ are not needed. Just get out. Your entire system is so beautiful and self-sufficient, it knows what to do. Why are ‘you’ interfering? The eyes, the nose, the mind, the intellect, they all know their respective functions. When ‘you’ leave them alone, they are so happy.
    The memory knows how to operate; the mind knows how to think. They all know what to do. Why are ‘you’ worried? Why can’t ‘you’ just relax? Give yourself freedom and see how beautifully the entire thing operates. You will walk, you will talk, you will read, you will do everything. And you will find that it is happening so nicely, when you are allowing it to happen, without ‘you’.”


  • “Anything which arises from the Heart, is beautiful.”


  • “Experiences are beautiful, only if you are already contended.”


  • “Laughter is indeed beautiful, and there is nothing uglier than laughter.
    Fear is indeed painful, but there is nothing beautiful than fear.
    It depends from which center you are operating.”


  • “Whatsoever is beautiful about life is not a matter of ostentatious display.
    Those who have eyes, come to learn of it on their own. They don’t really announce it.”


  • “Everything about the life is holy if you can look at it directly and really.”


  • “Even in the moment of your greatest fall, still do not feel small.
    Back yourself completely.
    Be your biggest fan.”


  • “You are wonderful, beautiful, awesome, simply as you are.”


  • “Sex is beautiful only if you can see the divine in the other. Sex is beautiful only if the body is not just body, but a temple. A temple, at the center of which, God himself sits. Do not try to have sex with someone, you cannot see as a God or a Goddess. If you cannot worship the feet of a woman, if you cannot respect her, if you cannot surrender to the woman, don’t try to have sex. And that is same for the woman too. If you are not looking at the body as the temple, then touching the other is just rape. In fact, almost as a ritual, you must worship before touching. And again, almost as a ritual, you must bow down, after the act. Not push her away and turn to the other side, because you are now finished, done with, and you want to now, snore.”


  • “Work because work is beautiful. Work because work is like dancing in the rain. I am not dancing to earn something. I am dancing because it’s so nice.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant


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