• “Only a Buddha can go beyond nature because he is neither with nor against nature. By going beyond, he is firmly seated in nature.”


  • “ Only when the Buddha outside is one with nature, then the Buddha inside is beyond nature.”


  • “No Buddha ever attains enlightenment. Enlightenment attains Buddha.”


  • “Society is an external order — man relating to man on the basis of a pre-established order.There is no love here; society is based on distrust. Or else there couldn’t be rules.
    Love is intrinsic and supremely dynamic. Social rules are external and largely frozen.
    Society is afraid of the force of love. The more there is an internal order, the less there will be the need for the external order.
    The dead structure of society strangulates love. Social order recognises only patterns, but awareness and intelligence cannot be pattern-based.
    The inability to respond dynamically to intelligence, the inability to respond as per the level of consciousness, is the biggest failure of any social order.
    Society has the same rules for the butcher and the Buddha – one size fits all. It has no eye for understanding, for intelligence, for love.”


  • “J. Krishnamurti says, ‘Life is repetition’.
    Buddha says, ‘Life is suffering’.
    Life is repetition of suffering.
    Suffering once maybe alright, but repetition of suffering is just boring stupidity.”


  • “Why do I feel torn apart?
    Because I am being pulled in two different directions- the Bull and the Buddha.”


  • “Without myself being awake, I can’t know whether the Buddha is awake.
    Buddha’s awakening is either really my own awakening, or just a concept.”


  • “The world is Dukkha, but it requires a Buddha to see that.
    Ironically, the Buddha experiences no Dukkha.”


  • “Democracy, a great lie. When you give equal voting rights to a Buddha and a Dodo, you’ll have a world ruled by Dodos.
    Now see who is ruling.”


  • “To know a Buddha, you must be somewhat like a Buddha.
    A ‘normal’ man has only beliefs about joy, freedom, love. Borrowed images taken as truth.”


  • “Man is a restlessness.
    It can either make man go to its ultimate cause and produce a Buddha.
    Or, it can become ambition and destroy man.”


  • “Who is the Buddha?
    The Buddha is a great dissolution.”


  • “Buddha’s message is one – Come and dissolve.”


  • “The child is born with senses.
    The Buddha teaches no sense.
    The priest teaches nonsense.”


  • “Buddha is not a man or a person, he is awakening itself!”


  • “The dog is a Buddha when it has lost its dog-hood. You are Buddha when you have lost your person-hood. The Buddha is nothing, but the one who has lost himself. That great emptiness, that great nothingness is the Buddha.”


  • “To the Buddha the World itself is Nirvana. That is why, a Buddha, realized man, or a Saint, has no ambitions of another World. He knows all Worlds are the same. And this ‘knowing’ is liberation. They are all the same and they are all devoid of significance.”


  • “The Buddha is saying that even as you are talking of the Buddha, keep eating your sandwich. Because, both, the Buddha and the sandwich are equally Empty.

The Buddha is saying that even as you are talking of the Buddha, keep eating your sandwich.

To know the real taste of the sandwich, know it to be as empty as the Buddha.

The Buddha is the sandwich.

Do not compartmentalize.”


  • “Shanti path apparently is not talking of the language of a Buddha. But it is the foundation upon which all that the Buddha said, stands.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant

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