Talks and Discourses 2017

Sessions at Advait Bodh Sthal:

Sl No. Name of Article Venue of talk Date
1 Shut Up Advait BodhSthal Jan 17
2 Acharya Prashant on Osho: Sex has to be infinitely deep Advait BodhSthal Apr 17


Sl No. Name of Article Venue of talk Date
1 From where are your emotions arising? Ramana Kendra Jan 17
2 Do religion and spirituality go together? Ramana Kendra Jan 17
3 You are so powerful that it scares you Ramana Maharishi Kendra Jan 17
4 The myth of the soul or the inner self Ramana Maharishi Kendra Jan 17
5 See how you support your problems Ramana Maharishi Kendra Jan 17
6 Acharya Prashant: Krishna is that within you that already knows Rishikesh Mar 17
7 Acharya Prashant on Bhagwat Gita: The Myth of Yoga Rishikesh Mar 17
8 Acharya Prashant: How is the spiritual dimension different from the mental dimension? Rishkesh Mar 17
9 Acharya Prashant: All promises are false promises Rishkesh Mar 17
10 Acharya Prashant: Does meditation lead to a passive life? Rishkesh Mar 17
11 Acharya Prashant: Is love a trick of physical nature? Rishkesh Mar 17
12 Acharya Prashant: What happens to ego tendencies after Realization? Rishkesh Mar 17
13 Acharya Prashant: Easy is easy but do you like the easy? Rishikesh Mar 17
14 Acharya Prashant: Discipline and discipleship Rishikesh Mar 17
15 Acharya Prashant on Bhagwad Gita: Yoga is freedom from that which you think yourself to be Rishikesh Mar 17
16 Acharya Prashant: How to learn to trust people? Maharshi Ramana Kendra Jan 17
17 Acharya Prashant: To know your intentions, watch your actions Jim Corbett Mar 17