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Man’s world is one of stories

Man’s world is one of stories:

myths, morals, codes, institutions, money…

Man is an animal that weaves stories.

Animals live in objects, man in stories.

Why does man weave stories?

Because man is a story.

To defend his inner story, man is compelled to dream external stories.

What is mysticism?

The story that ends the inner story.

~ Acharya Prashant

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Quotes, August’16

1. Consciousness is just dead duality. One really alive is crazy beyond consciousness.

2. “‘He’ wants a cure”, therein lies the whole contradiction. ‘He’ wants the cure. Who is this ‘he’? The disease itself. The cure is his elimination. Will he take the cure? So, that’s human tragedy! What we want is our own elimination. The highest is available to us but at the cost of our being – this limited self. That’s human predicament. There is an invaluable good there. You can take it. The good is invaluable and the price is infinite. Continue reading

Quotes, July’16

1. The false is truer than the Truth.

2. In the material itself, you will find it. So, don’t disregard the material. Don’t be contemptuous towards it. You must be very open, very living, and offer no resistance to what you see. You offer resistance to it because you think that something more important is elsewhere. No, there is nothing more important and there is no other world. This is all that there is. This world is the only reality for you. So, you must know this world, and that is not difficult at all because you are already knowing; which means that everything is already at its proper place. Go home and relax! Or have fun—which again is not a matter of doing because you are already having fun. Continue reading

Quotes, June’16

1. Spirituality is the intimacy of the immediate, not the blaze of the beyond.

2. When the material is directly a manifestation of the spiritual, only then the material is a symbol of the Divine, only then the material points at non-material.

3. A temple is wonderful when it arises as an expression of a devoted Heart. The Heart comes first. The temple rises as an expression of the Heart. But if the Heart is shrouded by a thick mind, then of what use would it be to just go and touch stones? Continue reading

Quotes, May’16

  • The Total is neither masculine nor feminine, hence the search and summit of both.


  • There is the dual and there is the non-dual.
    Where there is a duality, there is an infinitude of words, and words mean small things.
    Where there is a non-duality, there is just infinitude.
    Both are infinite.
    The dualistic world is also infinite, but it is infinite in its smallness; it is infinite in its littleness, in its fragmentation.
    And the non-dual world is just infinite.

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Quotes, April’16

1. A person deserves to be your lover only if the person is saying I am not going to become your goal. I am not going to become your objective. I will only become a fellow traveller, a means, a bridge. If you come to me then I will take you beyond me. I will not make you stay with me. I will not possess you. I will not make you stop at me. Instead, I will guide you beyond me. That is how the wise man decides on his lover, if it all it can be called a decision. Because in such matters, what happens is so spontaneous that it cannot really be called a decision. But what Kabir is enunciating to us is the basis of spontaneity. That basis is ‘The Beyond’.

Please understand this carefully once again. If you come across something or somebody that attracts you to itself, then that thing is in fact dangerous for you, because it will completely envelope you, encircle you, and in that way enslave you. It will say you can move no further , your journey ends here, there at me. You are my husband now and go no further. You are my son, look no further. The real lover will say: because I love you, I’ll help you go Beyond. Maybe we will travel together to the Beyond. Continue reading

Quotes, March’16

1. Who is the Buddha?
The Buddha is a great dissolution.

2. Buddha’s message is one – Come and dissolve.

3. It is not about this or that.
Life is about having this and that.
It’s total.
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