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Only spirituality is liberal, all else is shallow and constrained|| Volunteer’s Diary (2019)


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It’s 18th March’19 today, yet another Free Hearts Camp with Acharya Prashant Ji came to a closure in the city of Rishikesh, the spiritual capital of the world, a popular attraction for thousands of spiritual seekers from all over the world and home to the much coveted Myth Demolition Tour of Acharya Prashant Ji.

After the camp, the team of volunteers decided to visit a nearby Shiv-Durga Temple with Acharya Prashant Ji, we left our vehicle almost half a kilometer from the temple and had to walk for rest of the distance. Right from coming out of the car, I heard some music being played a bit far away, it was not a bhajan or a song dedicated to either Shiva or Durga, I was able to appreciate this much. After going even further into the narrow street, I recognised that it was a sufi song of Amir Khusro, those who don’t know who Amir Khusro is, let me quote a few lines from his wiki-page,

Amīr Khusro (1253 – 1325), was a Sufi musician, poet and scholar from India. He was a mystic and a spiritual disciple of Nizamuddin Auliya of Delhi, India. Khusro is sometimes referred to as the “voice of India” (Tuti-e-Hind), and has been called the “father of Urdu literature.”‘

His beautiful sufi song was being played near a Shiv-Durga Temple!

To which, Acharya Ji, helped me see that how Amir Khusro Sahab’s popular song ‘Chhap Tilak Sab Cheeni Re’ is being played as a tribute from Shakti (Durga) to Shiva. Now, you too should read the lyrics in the same light:

छाप तिलक सब छीनी रे मोसे नैना मिलाइके

बात अगम कह दीनी रे मोसे नैना मिलाइके

प्रेम भटी का मधवा पिलाइके

मतवाली कर लीनी रे मोसे नैना मिलाइके

गोरी गोरी बईयाँ, हरी हरी चूड़ियाँ

बईयाँ पकड़ हर लीनी रे मोसे नैना मिलाइके

बल बल जाऊं मैं तोरे रंग रजवा

अपनी सी रंग दीनी रे मोसे नैना मिलाइके

ख़ुसरो निजाम के बल बल जाए

मोहे सुहागन कीनी रे मोसे नैना मिलाइके

बात अजब कह दीनी रे मोसे नैना मिलाइके

Isn’t it beautiful?

A song coming from the disciple of Hazart Nizzamuddin Auliya Sahab fits so well even near-by a Shiv-Durga Temple. This struck as a lightening to me, made me ask my guru, Acharya Prashant Ji, ‘What exactly is real tolerance? What is to be a liberal?’

To which Acharya Prashant Ji said,

What is real tolerance towards the other?

” When you forget that the other is the other. Real tolerance is spiritual surrender and union, in which neither the self nor the other remain. Real tolerance is spiritual love, which dry intellect can never know.”

What is it to be liberal?

“To be liberal is to liberally allow the demolition and dissolution of one’s identity, intellect, ideology, and beliefs. Only spirituality is liberal.”

Now, I was almost in front of the temple.

And what I saw there, left me awestruck.

The song was being played inside the Temple itself!

I hurried towards my phone to record this bit because I very well knew that this won’t be telecasted on the prime time news debates, because this stark fact can’t trigger any debates. This is an end to all the mental gymnastics we see all over the Internet and Television in the name of liberalism and religion.

Now, listen to this for yourself:

This video shows Real tolerance. Let the liberals learn a lesson.

Amir Khusro, a Muslim. His songs being sung in Shiv-Durga mandir.

Real Rishikesh.

Tolerance is not acceptance of diversity. Tolerance is love.

Most importantly: Real tolerance is NOT secular. Real tolerance is deeply spiritual.

And: Only spirituality is liberal. All else is shallow and constrained.

Let the liberals learn.

This post is written by a volunteer of PrashantAdvait Foundation


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An Ode to Vishranti-Hyderabad!


This time it was Hyderabad‘s chance
to get blessed by Acharya Prashant Ji‘s presence.

The 3-day Vishranti Retreat started on 4th of January’19
with seekers from all over the country,
coming together to get a taste of
the real Vishram (Relaxation) and the real Shanti (Peace).

Day 1

After a brief orientation by the retreat mentors, the group headed to the Osman Sagar, a beautiful, serene lake in the outskirts of the city. A perfect place for the participants to get comfortable with their small family for the coming days and also contemplate over the important issues of their lives before meeting the Master for the first time.

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It didn’t take much time, the moment they saw a glimpse of the Master, all of them sung in unison the Guru Vandana to express their love and gratitude!

गुरुर्ब्रह्मा गुरुर्विष्णु र्गुरुर्देवो महेश्वरः
गुरु साक्षात परब्रह्मा तस्मै श्रीगुरवे नमः

Guru is the Creator (Brahma), Guru is the Preserver(Vishnu),
GuruDeva is Destroyer(Maheshwara).
Guru is the absolute (singular) Lord himself,
Salutations to that Sri Guru.

The Nature Walk was an unique opportunity for all seekers to keep pace with the Master while putting forth their sincere and honest questions.

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Next in line was Studio Kabir with Anushri Mishra Ji!

The silence they were left with after the Nature Walk, found its depth by singing Guru Kabir Sahab’s verses with Anushri Mishra Ji at the retreat venue, and something unexpected happened.

Clock had just struck 11pm! Two hour had passed away in their tryst with Guru Kabir.


Now, it was time for the midnight session with Acharya Ji. All the seekers were ready to take another deep dive into the depths of silence, what followed was an intense discourse which went on till late 4am in the morning, surprisingly, when the entire city was sleeping, there were some madones, burning the midnight oil to light the fire of wisdom.

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Day 2

After sleeping late in the night, the retreat mentors started their day early to explore the city of Nizams and find an ideal location for yet another Nature Walk with the Master.

After visiting all the famous places of the city, they came upon to an oasis. At the heart of an otherwise rushing metropolitan was a serene park on the banks of the famous Husain Sagar Lake, Sanjeevaiah Park.

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Meanwhile, after reading and contemplating over the anecdotes from various Sufi masters’ lives, the Vishranti family moved on to the new location for the upcoming nature walk. Soon, the seekers were blessed by yet another meeting with the Master. The walk offered them an opporunity to discuss topics of personal as well as social interest, to go deep into the relationships an individual has with the world.


After witnessing the beautiful sunset, the Vishranti family headed towards the retreat venue for another meditative Studio Kabir session with Anushri Ji.


‘It was a Myth Buster!’

That’s what one of the participant instantly said when she was asked about her experience of the second session. In this session, Acharya Ji busted a number of myths prevalent in today’s world in the name of Spirituality. And amazed with a whole new perspective of looking at the world, the seekers went on to share their heart out with the Master till 3am in the morning, again.


A few blessed ones also got an opporunity for the one-to-one interaction with Acharya Ji.

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Day 3

The final day of the retreat started with reading and discussing an unique ensemble of shlokas from more than 20 Upanishads. After an intense churning of the first two days, the seekers were initiated with the first principles; directing their focus again on the basics of an intelligent living.

The intensity of discussions instantly turned into innocent expression of love when they started decorating the session venue for welcoming the Master.

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In the final session of the retreat, seekers asked their queries to understand the essence of the wisdom of the rishis and were beautifully guided across the river by the Master!

“Acharya Ji, what would be your advice to us, now, when the retreat is ending?”
asked one of the seekers.

“The retreat must never end,”
said the Master.

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Gems from the Sessions

“टुच्ची लड़ाई करने का दुष्परिणाम ये होता है कि तुम किसी बड़ी लड़ाई के काबिल नहीं बचते।”


Q: How to express Gratitude?
A: Distribute it.


“अच्छा कर्म करके मुक्ति नहीं पाई जाती।
मुक्ति के लिए जो कर्म किया जाए वो अच्छा होता है”


“Science keeps looking at the objects but ignores the subject.
And that is why even the greatest scientists remain in darkness.”


“तुमको अगर दुःख मिल रहा है तो इसलिए नहीं मिल रहा कि तुम्हारे अतीत में कुछ है।
इसलिए मिल रहा है कि ठीक अभी तुम दुःख का साथ दे रहे हो।”


“Sex becomes an issue to you when you say,
‘I am going to have sex and it will satisfy me’.

When you are really concerned with your Liberation,
then such thoughts stop bothering you.”


“चमत्कार सत्य की ओर से नहीं होता, चमत्कार होता है तुम्हारी ओर से, जब तुम सत्य की ओर देख लेते हो।”


Q: What is your way to the Mukti?
A: Suffering. An honest acknowledgment of suffering.


“आज़ादी ध्यय हो तो जीवन ही ध्यान है।”


“Your questions are living proof,
that you are not alright with yourself.”

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A Glimpse of the Sessions

~ The above post is coming from one of the volunteers at PrashantAdvait Foundation

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Acharya Prashant Ji’s November Schedule

1. Camps with Acharya Ji

🍃 Vishranti

(Three days of festivity)
Chennai – 2nd to 4th November

🍃 Free Hearts Camp

(Three days of freedom)
Jim Corbett – 9th to 11th November

🍃 Blessings from Beyond

(Two days in Bliss)
New Delhi – 17th & 18th November

🍃 Advait Learning Camp

(Four days of Joy)
Bhopal – 23rd to 26th November

2. Online courses with Acharya Ji

🍃 Courses in Realization

Hindi Discourses on various Saints
13th November onwards

🍃 Month of Awakening

English Discourses on Khalil Gibran
14th November onwards

3. Counseling Sessions with Acharya Ji

🍃 Meet the Master

🍃 Spirituality for psychological health

🍃 Fulfillment through relationships

To participate, e-mail at: or call/whatsapp: +91–9457214165

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Unconditional Love

Soham is a healthy dog. He and his brother, Koham, were nurtured by Acharya Prashant Ji in their childhood. And when they grew up, they were allowed to freely move in the streets of Sector 63, Noida. 

Sadly, recently, a car moved over the leg of Soham, which fractured his leg badly. He was barely able to walk. One day, volunteers from PrashantAdvait Foundation came to know about it, they immediately took him to the doctor for cure. 

Since then, Satyam Ji, one amongst the volunteers at PAF, is taking care of Soham regularly, so that he becomes healthy again. Daily, he would carry Soham four floors down in his arms, to take him to the doctor. Would dress him whenever needed. He cared for him as if a father cares for the son. He would sit besides him for hours, during the daytime, just to comfort him, taking care of him, and would work in nights with very less sleep. 

Such love and devotion is rare to find. The dedication to bring health to someone reflected deeply in his actions. Surely, it reflected the teachings of Acharya Prashant Ji on what ‘unconditional love’ is. 

Soham is much better than before now, he is able to walk and at times run in the terrace garden of Advait BodhSthal. He’ll be soon able to join his friends and would roam freely, again, in the streets of Noida. 

May he be healed soon.

Here is a pic of Satyam Ji, carrying Soham in his arms. 🙂

Truth Absolute from ASHTAVAKRA GITA

A grey head does not make an elder,
Not by years, not by grey hair,
not by riches
nor by relations did the seers make the Law,
He who is great to us,
is one who has learning.

~ Ashtavakra in Mahabharata ~


Dialogues between

King Janaka 


 Sage Ashtavakra


A Course in Realization

Reading scriptures on a regular basis is most central to spiritual growthAncient spiritual texts like the Upanishads and Gita are more relevant today than they were ever before. To spend a lifetime without the words of the saints, the avatars and the gurus is to lose a lifetime.

A Course in Realization, a classroombased learning program led by Acharya Prashant, is a humanitarian initiative towards disseminating clarity and intelligence in the world

To register for the upcoming course titled 
T R U T H   A B S O L U  T E
from Ashtavakra Gita
starting from the 6th April, 
send an email to 
Or contact: +91-9818591240
Course title
Seven days between 6th and 24th of April, 2017.
7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.
Advait Bodh Sthal, G-39, Sec. 63, Noida, U.P.
Total duration
840 minutes
Sh. Apaar @ +91-9818591240

Acharya Prashant


Acharya Prashant, a Sanyasi who was once an IIT-IIM alumnus and an IRS officer, is the founder of PrashantAdvait Foundation — an N.G.O. committed towards ‘Creating a New Humanity through Intelligent Spirituality’. He is the author of more than fifteen books. These books are compilations of the discourses delivered by him over the years.

PrashantAdvait Foundation

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Mohan-Ji, a vendor at Rishikesh from past 35 years, has been meeting a lot of Gurus, including some of the biggest names, had met Acharya-Ji last year at the ‘Myth Demolition Tour’ in Rishikesh.

On seeing Him, his eyes gleamed in contentment and he said: ‘I have waited so long for You. Each day of my 35 years of life was spent for this day to come.’

On the last day of his meeting with Him, he uttered: ‘I will not die till You come back’.

This year too Acharya-Ji reached Rishikesh. His kindness went to meet him. Seeing Acharya-Ji, tears ran down his cheeks and at the first glance he bowed and uttered: ‘Now I can die peacefully’.

Now he is eagerly waiting, like hundreds of other genuine seekers, for the arrival of Acharya-Ji at Rishikesh for the completion of 6th ‘Myth Demolition Tour’ on 22nd and 23rd of March.

Blessings to Mohan-Ji.


Daily, the genuine seekers send their love notes to Acharya-Ji, expressing, how His calming presence has transformed their lives. Seeing that, the volunteers at PAF have started the ‘Meet the Master’ program, so that the genuine seekers can directly come in the presence of the Master.


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Acharya Prashant
PrashantAdvait Foundation


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International Women’s Day: Together they suffer and together they will celebrate

WhatsApp-Image-20160603 (1)

There is nothing called woman’s liberation in isolation.

Woman is oppressed and the man too is oppressed, albeit in a different way.

Woman’s liberation is man’s liberation.

They will always be together.

Together they suffer.
And together they will celebrate. Continue reading