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The Man Behind The Mask

The PrashantAdvait Foundation (PAF) has drama embedded in its culture.
And ofcourse, it emanates from none other than Acharya ji himself.
Our stints at Dilli-Haat, Ramana Kendra, Saket mall and many different colleges, have been fuelled and backed by Acharya ji’s active support.

So, one day I just casually asked him about his love for plays
and I was in for a surprise!
Not only was he actively acting but also, directing plays in his days at IIT and IIM. He has acted in a variety of plays at
various college fests, national level competitions and also for social initiatives.

One of the plays that I personally got to see was the ‘Rhinoceros’ which is an Absurdist play by Eugene Ionesco and was performed at
RJMCEI Auditorium, IIM- Ahmedabad in November, 2002.

Acharya ji played the protagnist in this two hour long play
and was also the director of the play.

For this he had to manage his academics with the play’s direction.
What this meant was…two, six hour shifts daily along with his academics!

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Snaps from the play the ‘Rhinoceros’ 
I’ll just pray to get a chance to act with him for once in my life!

The person who loves you will show what you actually are



The first morning at the camp site


Hello, I am Shashikant Patange, and I work as a Senior Manager in Human Resources Department for a German company in Baroda.

(When asked, ‘What is so special about the camp?’)

Shashi says, 

The way the camp is conducted is not in the conventional way, which I like very much.

The clarity in thoughts which is lacking in our lives, here, in the presence of Acharya Ji is so easily available. The difference that you feel by being here is really important.

This is what I have learnt here.


Shashikant with his friend and colleague, Baba 


I have attended lots of programs like Art of Living, Vipassana, but this is something really different! Talks are based on the real issues of our lives. No, lalaland. In spite of the depth they hold, they are immensely simple.

So, once it is simple, it’s simple.

Life is simple.

That’s what I have taken from the camp.

A wonderful experience, the location which Acharya Ji selects again brings us near to our fundamental nature.

I also love the way Acharya Ji relates. The way he explains; sometimes, he is strict in making his statements, which I like the most. It might hurt, but it is Real!

The person who loves you will show what you actually are.

We are becoming so complicated nowadays. This camp helps us in being simple, being authentic, which is really very-very important to get a  healthy mind and living.

That’s all.


With Acharya Ji and his group mates

Go with the flow;

be Real;

be authentic,

that’s what I am taking back with me.


Editor’s note:

Shashikant Patange works as a Senior Manager in Human Resource department for a German company in Baroda.

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My own calling is situated somewhere here!


Hi, my name is Yashika.

The camp was more of a chance to discover myself. I didn’t know about the camp or Acharya Ji.  My sister got in touch with some of the people who come over here and then she asked me whether I’ll accompany her. As I am always open to new experiences, that is why I said yes, and I am actually very glad that I said Yes. 🙂

Because through the certain sessions and activities, I actually got closer to my own being. Frankly, this closeness to my own self is something that intimidated me throughout my life. I got to know what I am, because throughout we have been living in a masked world, and unmasking yourself is not an easy job. But yes, when you are facilitated, when there is one person who actually tells you that you can be accepted the way you are, there is no harm in your being, and somebody is there to take a lead of your life, then it becomes easy, because whenever you do a certain thing, you always want somebody else to take a decision on your behalf so that it becomes easy to blame the other person for the consequences.

Here I realized that you should be ready to take on life as it comes, because you know that whatever is happening, is for your own good.

Also, I always had this thought in my mind that when it comes to ‘God’, why do we have these different kinds of symbols that we pray? Who created these symbols? These are actually man-made things and we are just praying something which is man-made.

And here when I was reading through the Upanishads and scriptures, all those things has given me a dimension which actually made me rest, made me calm; whether it was going for a trek or dancing throughout the night. I got to know that I was actually a bit of a control freak. I wasn’t able to let go of myself. I realized that I wanted to control things around me. Now I know that I just have to control myself to just let go of myself. It has enabled me to let go of myself and has made me learn to not to be afraid of being alone, because you are anyways never alone, there is always somebody, someone who will be there for you. So you have to believe in that.

And now, I want to be part of this whole group because somewhere I feel that my own calling is situated somewhere here.

Thank you. 🙂


Editor’s note: Yashika, a camp participant of 26th Advait Learning Camp, in the presence of Acharya Ji found that it is not about controlling thing so; jut let go.

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The camp came as a shock, but a pleasant one!


Priyanka at 26th Advait Learning Camp

Hi, I am priyanka. I came to know about PAF through Youtube.

There were a lot of questions in my mind. I was very much entangled in my problems. Was seeking some answers, some solutions that could help me. Then I saw Acharya Ji’s videos and somehow it resonated with me and I felt very much drawn towards the solutions given by him.

They seem to be very real, very practical! Continue reading

He gave me the answers without even saying a single word


Rohintan Talati a.k.a Baba

Hi everyone, my name is Rohintan a.k.a Baba. It’s wonderful to be here in the 25th Advait Learning Camp and it’s such a lovely atmosphere, environment and people around and of course the Acharya Ji.

The journey begins a few months back when I met Acharya Ji for the first time at Mcleodganj, Dharamshala. Just had a short chat with him there. Afterwards, there were a lot of changes that started happening.

When I met him so many things were going on in my life professionally, personally, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. So many questions popped up. I was always searching something outside all the time; probably, the meanings, definition and what not. Also, I had gone through some of my family issues where the differences with the spouse, the members of our family, were there.

But then something made me hopeful and I felt that something is there for me which was not yet found. Then I spoke to Kundan Ji (Head Organizer: Advait Learning Camps) about this and he advised me to enrol for the learning camp and then I enrolled for the October one, and suddenly I got leave from the office also and everything was quite smooth.


Immersed in the Bodh-Session

I came here with some questions and expectations but today I realised that everything is answered through something invisible, something which has already existed even before my question were there. The answers were already there. I felt that this realisation has enveloped me right from the first day of the camp.

Each and every moment here at the camp was different and relaxing. Even when we are not doing something, then too, there was no boredom or emptiness of any kind. I was feeling alright. That is the one thing that I am certainly taking out of this camp, especially with the grace of Acharya Ji. He motivated me a lot and the way he sees things, was amazing and that triggered my understanding as well.


While performing in a roleplay

I didn’t ask many questions but he gave me the answers actually without saying a single word. So one thing, in a very very profound way I would say is that- if I am standing here that is also fine and if I am standing somewhere else that’s also okay. So wherever you are, whatever you are doing, whatever you think – good, bad, ugly, nasty, anything you name it, and the essential nature is that you should be okay with it.

That is the main things that I am taking from this camp.


Rohintan posing after taking  dip in the holy Ganges

And an enormity is there, I don’t know if it is called peace, joy, I think it’s beyond my power to conceive.  After coming over here I feel there is some kind of recreation of some sort of Sufiness, a Malang-ness or some oneness in me.

So, that Joy in me is still on, continuously flowing without any moment of a gap.

Editor’s Note:

Rohintan Talati joined 25th Advait Learning Camp, all the way from Gujarat.
He is amazed how this camp has calmed down the tussles of his relationship.

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I am waiting for the next Advait Learning Camp, and I am joining it!


1st day of Alex at 25th Advait Learning Camp, Mukteshwar

Hi, my name is Alex. I am French. I met Acharya Ji in his “Myth Demolition Tour” in Rishikesh, in winters of 2016. Since then I followed his talks, and now I am here in the 25th Advait learning camp organized by Prashant Advait foundation in Mukteshwar. This is my first time in the camp with Acharya Ji. Continue reading

Kids and father – the relation.

Was looking at Koham, Soham. In all ways, they rule the street. By breed, by birth, they are normal dogs, street dogs. But they have lived with Sir. Sir has fed them, raised them, personally cleaned their shit. And that shows. They are physically stronger, and more importantly, they are psychologically quite healthy. 




They still chase Sir, run after his car and bike, and appear so loving.

They gratefully give what they have, and have received from Sir something beyond their doghood. The entire neighbourhood treats them with a consideration not usually given to dogs. They walk like they own the area.

Even dogs know the worth of time spent with Sir.

Kids and father – the relation. 

~ Anoushka ~


Anoushka at 25th Advait Learning Camp, Mukteshwar