Where will you find Enlightenment? || Acharya Prashant (2016)


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Acharya Prashant: The thing is realization, enlightenment or sahajta, this is nothing objective, you doesn’t have to look at others, one cannot even know whether the other is realized or enlightened or not; that is not at all the way to go about it; because looking at the other you are still looking out at the world and trying to find enlightenment.

There you are saying a person in the world is enlightened, thereby, you are saying that enlightenment can be found in the world. Now, you are still doing the same thing which is the cause of  misery, ‘always looking out’.

Looking out! ‘Ah! Is that fellow enlightened? Can a method lead to enlightenment? What will be the expression of enlightenment?’

Now, all these things, are they not mental activities? Will any of that remain if mental activity ceases?

So, when we are talking of liberation or freedom one must always be inward into his own mind and see what is going on there,  not out somewhere; because out somewhere you will only project what is in here, but with the disadvantage that you will think that it is out there.

That out there, is any way in here, but appears deceptively outside so better rather just go in.

The appropriate question to ask would be ‘Why am I looking for Enlightenment?’

And the moment you ask that question, you will have to answer, what is it that disturbs you, now, the inward process has begun. One has to go into his own disturbances, his own disease, you know, it is his own restlessness, what one does not really know without the other.

And, when one does not know about the mind what does one would about the other?

Listener: First, sorry to interrupt you, I am not looking for any enlightenment and then I don’t want to judge anybody or look at anybody out of my ordinary…

AP: If you are talking here, we are not talking here so that the misery around us,  within us, gets furthered, we are talking for the sake of peace. And that itself is Enlightenment.

You, me, anybody, and everybody is chasing Enlightenment. So, we have to be clear on that, there is nothing that anybody chases. This gathering here, is for the sake of Enlightenment. They are sipping tea for Enlightenment. Somebody is purchasing a shoe for Enlightenment, so you are chasing Enlightenment. There is nothing else that the mind can ever chase, that is the basis, root or summit of all action, you too want Enlightenment.

Listener: So can we stop?

AP: When you see that you are wanting something, and in wanting that you are only going away from that, then the very want will make you stop. Desire that normally takes you away from the center, that very same desire will stop to bring you to the center. Desire will become your friend.

Listener: So, again my thing is how it is possible to arrive to my self through the mind?

AP: Now, is it necessary to answer this question or it is better to stop at this point?

Because, if you answer this question that would be an extension of the mind.

But if you stop at this, ‘That how it is possible to trust the mind’

The mind stops now.

You are saying the mind cannot be trusted, so what is the point in carrying on with the mind? Now the mind stops, so this question is the full stop.

The moment you say that this is not reliable, the moment you see that you have already gone beyond it. But then we slip back, we start believing in the objective world, and then we are again saying that my friend you are so reliable!

This question does not deserve an answer.

It deserves a photo frame ‘Stop’.

Acharya Prashant speaking at ‘The Rishikesh Tour’ on 24th Feb 2016.

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Do not try to help God, do not try to facilitate Grace || Acharya Prashant (2016)

Questioner: If to come Home is an act of Grace, then how can you facilitate the process of Grace to shine more on you?

Acharya Prashant: By huhnot trying to facilitate. You have facilitated so much all your life. Have you not?

What have you facilitated? What have you facilitated?

The neighbor wanted to get his daughter married. You provided a helping hand. You facilitated that. Somebody wanted to do something and you provided him counseling as per your wisdom. You facilitated that. Now, with the same kind of mind will you also try to help God bring Grace to you?

Look at the claim. God will bless me with Grace. How can I help God? If possible, man will setup a helpline for God. Just don’t obstruct sir. Just don’t obstruct. Grace is already coming your way. It has always been, just don’t obstruct. Don’t try to facilitate. We do not know what it means to help. We do not know what it means to harm. When we tried to help we have only harmed. Don’t try to help yourself.

Listener: No, my point was not about helping but about any sadhanas or any practices.

AP: In going through sadhanas, don’t you want to help yourself? You want to do good to yourself or you want to wish yourself ill? Whatever sadhana, practice you undertake, ultimately the intention is to do something good to yourself. Is it not? Sadhana is doing good to yourself.

Do we really know what is good for ourselves?

Will our mind decide what is good for ourselves? Is that surrender? Will we decide what is good for ourselves? Not many know the answer. Obviously, the answer is a resounding yes!

Obviously, we will decide, who else will decide?

We are the ones of top! We decide our leaders, we decide our Parliament, we decide what we wear, we decide what we eat, we decide whom we will marry, we will also decide what kind of sadhana, we will also decide the color of God, wife of God, birthday of God!

When we have decided so much, then obviously we have a right to decide about the method of reaching God. We decide which river is holy. We decide which place God lives. We decide the height of the Church. We decide whom to worship and whom to ignore!

Questioner:  So I decide to surrender?

AP: Yes! So we will decide whether to surrender and how to surrender and to whom to surrender, right?

Bring me the menu card please. What is the list of options. We will decide. Now, is that surrender?

When you can’t do anything then much starts happening.

When you don’t do anything then you get out of this lousiness, this inaction masquerading as action, then real action happens.

But when you ask the ego, then ego says if I don’t do anything then nothing will happen, just like the cock, Wwhat did the cock say?

‘The Sun will not rise if I will not crow’. 

If I won’t do anything then how will I even breathe!

Along with you, everything what is required to sustain you is also there. You and the universe come together and are continuously together. You don’t have to do anything. All the doing is anyway happening. Yes, the doing may happen through you.

The grass grows on its own. Yes, the grass grows even in Berlin, not only in Rishikesh. Or does it or does it not? Or you have faithless grass? In Moscow? In Istanbul? In Berlin?

~ Acharya Prashant speaking at a Shabdyog session at ‘The Rishikesh Tour’ on 22nd Feb 2016.

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All thoughts arise from external influences || Acharya Prashant, with Students (2013)

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Questioner: Most of the thoughts are coming from society and family. So, how can I judge that which thought is mine or not?

Acharya Prashant: No thought is yours; no thought is ever your own. You have very rightly said that all thoughts come from this place or that place, this influence or that influence. No thought is your own. Understanding is your own; that can be your own.

Let me give you an example: Continue reading

Your response determines who you are

The judgment process is always on.

You must go one way, you decide to go another way. You must say one thing, you decide to say another thing. You must act one way, you curbed your action and let something else act through you. Life keeps on becoming hellish. Hell too is a progression. One keeps sinking into deeper and deeper recesses of hell.

Every moment is a chance.

The moment is liberation, the day of judgment does not come once. It does not come after a time. The day of judgment is at the end of time. And the end of time, timelessness, is a continuity beneath time.

Your response determines who you are.

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  • “Laziness is a dirty trick to defy the Truth.”


  • “It has no real option, in front of the forces of nature, the forces of conditioning. It has no real option. It will only do, what it is dictated to do. It might appear to be doing something. But it really does not do anything. It only gets tossed about. It’s only a plaything.”


  • “Life constantly implores you to move, to move rightly. But if you are hell-bent, on remaining where you are, and what you are, you will refuse the invitation of life to move. That is laziness.”


  • “Laziness is the dirtiest trick!”


  • “Laziness is a dirty trick to defy the Truth. No Laziness is incidental. And the most obvious proof of that is that nobody is always lazy. Had you really been lazy, you would have been lazy even in counting money! But the moment you find a couple of notes missing from your account, all your energy rises to defend yourself and your account. You are lazy as a dirty tactician. You are at war, and laziness is your weapon.”


  • “You are just not prepared to get out of your dirty shell. That’s laziness.”


  • “You cannot be lazy without being too intelligent for yourself. A lazy man is not only intelligent, he is actually too intelligent. He knows all. Otherwise, how can one refuse to learn from life? And there is only one way one learns from life. By? Being with life. By allowing oneself to flow with life.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant


  • “Free of lust, you are relaxed and beautiful. Free of you, lust too is free and beautiful.”


  • “When you look for satisfaction in material that is called lust.”


  • “And a woman, rises from being an object of lust, to a deity worth worshiping, when she loses her womanliness.”


  • “Life is what you do minute by minute, second by second, hour by hour. Minute by minute do you think why did God created the Earth or the Universe? Minute by minute you are taking over by questions of ambition, hope, worry, security, love, lust, achievement, fear, desperation, respectability – these are the things that really matters to us. In fact even when we talk of God we talk of some big entity, a fatherly figure, a respectable one, a creator and all powerful one. Do you see then that authority, security, respectability, bigness – this is what really matters to us? Let us rather ask questions which are very-very ordinary, I assure you that it is in the ordinary questions of one’s daily life that both the problem and the solution lie.”


  • “Lust is to Love, what the world is to the Truth. Lust is to love, what the Manifest is to the unmanifest – they are one. One is expressed, the other is not. Just as there is nothing called a transformation of the world into God, similarly there is nothing called a transformation of lust into love.”


  • “Love is to see the essence of lust. Attraction towards objects is lust. That is the direct and simple definition of lust.”


  • “Even if you are attracted towards the butterfly, it is lust. Even if you are attracted towards a utensil, a pen, a building, a motorcar, it is lust.”


  • “Love is that great sleep which is unaffected by all lust.”


  • “The movement of mind is lust. Your commitment to the center in the middle of all lust is love.”


  • “Lust needs no transformation. You need transformation. And your transformation is just about you moving into your essential nature. Go there.”


  • “Love is to be a right participant in the game of lust.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant


  • “Hesitation is there because there are too many masters. Hesitation is there because there are too many pulls and all of these pulls are in conflict with each other. There are too many voices and none of them are mine, my own voice is missing, all external voices are dominating my mind.”


  • “You hesitate, only till the point, you keep your eyes close. Then you will have to be dependent upon several others and these several others do not speak in one voice. That is conflict. Here (head). You cannot do anything, you are torn apart. Ten forces, all pulling you in different directions. The third stage is when the mind is free of the influence of others. When you have taken care to pay attention, to understand. Now, your life is yours, now your decisions are wise. Now you can really see, so there is no question of hesitation.”


  • “You don’t hesitate because there is something wrong with you, you hesitate only because you think that you must be dependent. This thought is the root of hesitation. Remove this thought. You are young, you are capable, you are an adult. There is no need to be dependent. By all means take information from others, by all means, take guidance from others, but do not be dependent, dependency is an altogether different animal, it’s a disease.”



These quotes have come from talks and writings of Acharya Prashant