• “Being emanates awareness.
    Awareness emanates consciousness.
    Consciousness emanates matter.
    Materialists live three generations behind.
    Catch up!”


  • “Consciousness is an illusion.
    Levels of consciousness, placing man higher than animals or matter, are illusory.
    Liberation is supreme illusion.”


  • “Society is an external order- man relating to man on the basis of a pre-established order. There is no love here; society is based on distrust. Or else there couldn’t be rules.
    Love is intrinsic and supremely dynamic.
    Social rules are external and largely frozen. Society is afraid of the force of love. The more there is an internal order, the less there will be the need for the external order. The dead structure of society strangulates love.
    Social order recognises only patterns, but consciousness and intelligence cannot be pattern-based.
    The inability to respond dynamically to intelligence, the inability to respond as per the level of consciousness, is the biggest failure of any social order. Society has the same rules for the butcher and the Buddha – one size fits all. It has no eye for understanding, for consciousness, for love.”


  • “The evolution of Universe is the evolution of consciousness.
    Big bang is imaginary as consciousness was too primitive to give it that shape.”


  • “Individual consciousness is its own limitation.
    Knowledge creates fragmentation.
    Knowledge separates the individual from the Whole.”


  • “Spirituality isn’t about God or consciousness.
    All spirituality is essentially about not being stupid.
    Its about being really ‘fool-proof’.”


  • “In consciousness, there is somebody who is conscious.
    In understanding, there is nobody who understands.
    Understanding is impersonal.”


  • “Consciousness is just dead duality. One really alive is crazy beyond consciousness.”


  • “Destiny is real. It comes only to those who ask real questions. Not imaginary stuff- here, there, Brahman, consciousness, evolution. You live your life in petty stuff- money, security, home loan, jealousy, servicing the car, pleasing the boss, spying on the neighbour. So, ask those questions. Those are the real questions. Only in those real questions will you meet something Real, otherwise, you can keep blabbering – pure consciousness, seventh heaven, depths of meditation; flowerings of blissfulness; Hari Om! (Sarcastically)

    “When can I get my paycheck, please?” “Hari Om!”

    “Is my wife seeing somebody else these days?” “Hari Om!””


  • “So here we are – “Mind beings”.

    Mind beings – who do not exist in their own eye when they are deeply asleep, absent minded or comatose. 

    Please understand.

    Anybody here who can claim to exist even in his deep sleep?

    Anybody here who can claim to be even in his deep-deep sleep?

    So such is the power of thought that our own existence in our own eyes – and when I say ‘our own eyes’, I only mean ‘thought’ – our own existence in our own eyes depends on thinking.

    If the thinking mode of consciousness ceases, then we cease to exist. 

     So the ‘mind’ is thinking all the time and we think as if ‘we’ are thinking. 

    But the fact is- without thinking we do not exist. 

    So is it not true that thought is thinking us?”


  • “The ignorance of one man is the ignorance of all.

    There is no mistake that you commit that has not been committed by somebody else earlier. There is no mistake that you commit that has not been committed by you earlier. The mind of one is the mind of all. So when the Rishi is rebelling against his personal bondage, he is actually rebelling against the bondage of entire mankind and that is how he is useful to all of us. Because our bondages are the same, hence when one man rebels against his bondages, that is a rebellion against that which shackles the entire mankind’s consciousness.”


  • “Love is not a ‘want’ and Love is not an obligation. You don’t ‘want’ to Love somebody and you don’t ‘have’ to love somebody.
    Love is not at all related to the world around you. Love is first and foremost your own state of being. Love is your own inner richness. Love is entirely an internal phenomena which flows up with respect to the world as well. But primarily it has not much to do with the world, it has to do with your own consciousness. ‘Am I connected to myself?’ That connection, that closeness with yourself is Love.”


  • “The more this consciousness, this mind grows and gets filled up, the more difficult it is to return.
    Man is a restlessness and the restlessness keeps growing, growing. The more it grows, the more man seeks advice. Unfortunately, he seeks advice from those who themselves need advice.”


  • “Wherever there is consciousness there is bound to be uncertainty.”


  • “All processes of consciousness and experience are powered by the ground of pure Awareness.”


  • “Consciousness is movement, Awareness is stillness.”


  • “Awareness is the peaceful dissolution of consciousness.”


  • To realize consciousness is to start moving into Truth. To be going towards that from where all subjectivity and objectivity arises, is to go towards the Truth.”


These quotes have come from talks and writings of Shri Prashant


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